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Nutrtition Help on Multitude of Things

I’m currently on a bulking program. I’m 226 pounds at 12.7 percent body fat. I’m currently eating about 4200 calories a day with a break down of 42 percent protien, 32 percent carb and 25 percent fat. Are these macronutrient ratios sound? Am I getting enough total overall calories?

I also have no idea whether or not I am carb sensitive, is there any way to check that other than trial and error? What kind of nutrition should I be doing in my off days? Eating just as much as days I work out?

I have read through Berardi’s articles and the articles by many others, but none have answered these questions specifically to the point that I am 100% sure of what I’m doing. I’m thinking I might need to up my total caloric intake, is that so? Thanks for the help.

Come on guys, someone has to be able to answer a few of these, if more info is needed I’ll be glad to post.

I would say much more calories. Use the massive eating calculator on JB’s website. I don’t know everything about you but I would say you’d be closer to 6000 calories on a bulking cycle.

RIT Jared

Thanks for the response Jared. I assumed my caloric intake was too low, little did I think it was by that much though. What kind of ratios do you use for macronutrients?

IMO 40/40/20 is a good macro to follow.

If you wanna see if you are carb sensitve you can always go to the Dr. or buy a blood glucose meter…it’s what diabetics use to test ther blood sugar levels. Test your blood sugar before you eat a carb meal and than 1 hour after and 2 hours after. If you blood sugar remians fairly steady then you are not carb sensitive…it it increases a lot then you are.

Hey, there, Tank! (grin)

Don’t worry too much about the macronutrient ratios. They take care of themselves. And the ratio of your macronutrients doesn’t have anything to do with whether you’re getting enough calories. The scale will tell you whether you’re getting enough calories. If a whole week goes by and you don’t gain any weight, increase calories by 250 calories per day. Have you ever seen JB’s Outcome Based Flow Chart? In other words, if you’ve been following your plan and didn’t get the results for which you hoped, you make an adjustment. But if you weren’t following your plan and didn’t achieve the results for which you hoped, instead you tighten up ancd do what you were supposed to do all along – get back to following your plan! Reassessments/reality checks are done once every two weeks. Use your scale weight and BF percentage to determine whether or not your’re taking in enough calories.

Don’t worry too much if you’re carb sensitive. Meet as much of your carb requirements as possible with green veggies and add in small amounts of starchier type carbs to help you meet the carb numbers you set for yourself. After your PWO drink, your two meals following your workout should be from starchy carb sources. You should take in the majority of your carbs PWO. This is when your body needs 'em most and is best/better able to process 'em.

You’re run all your other numbers and are getting 1.5g of protein x LBM and .4g - .5g of fat x LBM, right? With those requirements met, I’d raise and lower carbs to achieve your goal of increasing LBM and TBW.

Just remember, assess and readjust every two weeks.

Yes, I’m eating those amounts of protiens/fats that you suggested. I normally wake up and have a large blender shake of oatmeal, banana, cottage cheese and some Low-Carb Grow!. I then have P+F meals until my workout shake and then have two 2-3 PWO meals that include either brown rice, wheat bread or oat meal. Does that ordering/spacing sound about right? Also, what about off day nutrition? Is it the same as when I work out?

As far as off-day nutrition I usually eat my C+P meals in the morning. Start with your oatmeal shake. Then have one or two more carb meals 2 to 3 hours apart. The rest of the day stick to P+F meals.

Defentily no PWO carbs on days when you dont lift. Therefore your calories are going to be a little short.

The spacing/order of your P+F and P+C meals sounds good. Sounds like you’re making some quality choices, too.

You don’t have to eliminate it entirely, but as much as you can, start getting in green veggies, a variety of green veggies. Do so even with your P+F meals. Broccoli with a P+F meal is way different than pizza when it comes to adding carbs to a P+F meal. (grin)

I think it’s an excellent idea to reduce carb calories somewhat on days you don’t work out. You can do that naturally by shifting your carb choices towards green veggies and away from starchy carbs.

Thanks for the help all, my last question (I hope!), is whether or not I should do some cardio on days im not lifing?

not if you’re trying to bulk, assuming your general health is ok

Tank, even though there are all sorts of benefits to a healthy cardiovascular system, I probably agree with apayne. I don’t think you need it.

If you do anything in the way of cardio, just have fun. Ski, skateboard, play a game of touch football with your friends on the weekend, go for a walk on the beach (or by the lake, depending on your geography (grin)) with your GF. No need to do anything structured or boring. Save that for your cutting cycles. (grin)