Is this growth hormone appropriate for body builders? Because im thinking about taking it.

yeah fool, its good. But it’ll cost as much as your daddy’s pizza shop makes in a year!

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Serostim and Humatrope are the only brands that are identical to hGH. The other brands have varied number of amino acids and/or conformations. Whether Nutropin works as good or not is a hard question. Some say that if it is not identical then the body’s immune system with fight it off just like any other foreign protein, thus rendering it ineffective after a given period. I would say that IMO Humatrope or Serostim are the best and the later being less costly per IU.

800.00 - 1,000.00 / month to be effective. Bad and permanent side effects with prolonged use, also.

weel as far as price goes i dont have to worry about that cause i know some one with a script:) but what is considered long term use? iwas thinking a shot a day for 8 weeks

Well, as far as effective dosages go, it would depend on what you plan to accomplish with hGH. Replacement is at far less than what people are taking. Some people can’t even tolerate it that well because the side effects get to severe. For fat loss, it has been suggested that 4IU per day are needed. For hypertrophy, +8IU per day are needed. The length of time is also debatable. I wouldn’t go less than 8 weeks if I were to use hGH. Even then I would only use Humatrope or Serostim. This gets expensive real quick and I assume that your friend’s script is from in the US. US prices for hGH far exceed that of foreign products of the same brand name. 128 IU kits of Serostim cost around $600 on the black market and cheaper if you buy in bulk. You should also stack it with testosterone and other androgens to get maximum effect. You will probably need to supplement with T3 as well as metformin since hGH down-regulates thyroid hormone production and makes you insulin resistant.

Personally, I would skip it all together. To many side effect for not much gain. Used alone it won’t do much, but give you swolen hands and potentially a GH belly (depending on how much you use. If you do choose to use it and have the bank account to support it definately stack it with anadrol and other strong androgens as well as insulin. IF your going to go go all the way! Screwing with the endocrine system is no small matter. Testosterone is the safest in that you can actually live with out it, though you would look like a jelly fish. Suspending you pituitary activity is a little bit more intense. I have concidered it, but have decided the only way is if I needed ity for replacement reasons. Taking it to get huge is just not worth it unless your going to make a living out of body building. hGH just does not do enough for the edge you get, and essentially that is what it is for, that exta edge for competition. Of course then you might as well throw prostoglandins in to the mix, though I heard it hurts like hell, but works real good. That’s my $.02.