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Nutropin Dosages

ive been on .24 a day of nutropin for treatment of aghd [ low hgh ] question i have is how can i use this dose to my advantage in mass building if at all. would i combine with a small dose of testosterone.? so far i have taken this drug alone at this amount for nearly a year without ANY changes in body comp. or size or power. is the dose too small… i think it is. please help. i dont know how much longer insurance is going to cover this , and i need to gain 20lbs in next 3 months dammit.

HGH has no anabolic properties at all. This is why your strength, size or power has not changed. Other than medicinal purposes, I have never recommended taking HGH on its own. So yes, you are correct in asking if you should take some Test with it.

You stated that your dose of HGH may be too low, but we don’t know what dosage you are taking. A general rule-of-thumb is to take 1-2IUs for fat burning, and 3-4IUs for mass building (per day). Anything higher than this is a waste, especially money (regardless if your insurance is covering it)… and you may be more liable to getting some of the severe side effects that HGH may cause. GO NO HIGHER THAN 4IUs PER DAY. Trust me. Good luck.