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NutriVet Testosterone

Got some testosterone, its from mexico. The brand name is NutriVet it says it’s Test NV 250 did my research has anyone ever experimented with this kind?

What does the outside of the bottle look like?

the vile has a horse on it and it is in all spanish it looks like its a vet lab

From what my resources say, it should be legit. It is a major “vet” steroid up there in quality with QV. Just make sure that the crimp is on tight…enjoy

Please provide some feedback once you’ve used it; I’m curious as well.

nutri-vet and coutre labs are my personal favorites. great products at great prices. i’ve used nutri-vet a TON and am always super happy w/ them.
you’ll be impressed with them.

Nutrivet is rock solid. Never heard a bad thing about them.

just started cycle from nutri vet am doing 50 mg dbol ED 750 test e a week and 500 eq a week kinda scared bit mite be fake tho i shot the test and eq last nite for teh first time and had no pain at all… this ite be normal but from my previous cycles with test i always had pain from the shot… could this ean its fake??