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Nutriton Caloric Breakdown


Gentlemen first off need some help. I have been lifting serious for the past 2+ years. i am looking for some help in leaning out. First off here is my break down of what i am eat excerscise etc.. any help is appreciated..
27yo, 5'10, 175-180lb, Body Fat 11-15%, waist 30in (MAX), neck 15 1/2

Sample Menu of what i eat...
730am 4 egg whites w 1 whole egg, w peppers spianch 2 pieces of bacon, water
10am 3 egg whites plain. or FERTATAA with peppers bacon or chicken, onion, garlic, squash zucc, broc. water
1230 4oz chicken breast with 1/4 avacado, mixed veggies (spianch, zucchni squash, onion, peppers)
230 1 can of tuna with a splash of mayo, spinanch on side or 6oz lean burger with 1/4avacado tommato, spinanch, onion pepper or see 1230
4pm Startchy Carb 1/4 cup (Soba noodles, or basamati rice with 4 oz of chichen and veggies or 4 ozscallops/shrimp
8-9pm dinner includes whatever i make... 6oz of the following pork chop, flank steak, skirt steak, portorhouse, ny strip, chicken sausage, chicken breast, ground beef, ground turkey, sea bass, scallops, talipa, salmon, artic char, cod, crab, lobster, shrimp with
veggies, and a carb sweet portatoe red portato,

Occasionaly have at night: ice cream (RARE no dairy usually for me) and wine with dinner
Drink 1-1.5 gallons of water a day.

Work out is the following:
See iBodybuilder w/ occasinal circuit training
Cardio- Track work 2 morning a week.. 1/4 mile run followed by stadium steps repeat 4 times. 20yd back pedals 10yd high knees 10yd butt kicks repeat.

I play soccer for a semi pro team 3rd division so somewhat competative. I want to look a bit better. My lagging area is my stomach area visable upper abs 4 pack no lower abs or oblique muscles showing.. Don't feel or look defined or ripped. Would like to get body fat under 9% what do i need to do.... Thanks


one other thing.. I do not take any supplaments at this time..


My guess = more calories. Search G Flux


imo i think if you want to properly lean out instead of doing a semi-diet thing you need to properly sacrifice some of your habits for the time being. What im referring to is the wine with dinner, occasional ice-cream, and carbs.

Aim for 2000 cals a day.
Cycle carbs for days you work out.
Buy a good whey isolate and have that for your mid morning and mid afternoon meal.
Seems like you add avacado to everything which is good but i would add 2 teaspoons of flax oil as well a day
Do high intensity interval training for the days that you're not in the gym.


he's gonna need much more than 2000 cals a day if he's lifting AND playing competitive soccer, even if he does want to lean out


for his weight 2000 is already a lot more than most recommendations. look at v-diet for example.


You should not be answering questions, you have a lot of reading and a lot of learning to do.


You want to lean out? Are you looking to get into competition shape or something?

You are already tiny. What do want to achieve by losing more weight? If you dont have ripped abs at 5 10 175 than your doing this wrong. Gain some muscle so you have the capability to get real lean.


I said imo.

I never said i was an expert...and if you think im wrong then prove it- i would love to learn something as well. Wow he does some lifting and static cardio every man and his dog trying to lose weight is.


I think you are wrong, and my avatar proves it.

I'm around the same height and weight, and have never in my life gone down anywhere close to 2000 calories.

Lift more, eat more, and read as much as you can from those who have accomplished what you hope to accomplish. I suggest browsing the Authors Archive.


haha...looks like you need to have a massive pole up your back end as well if you want to look good.

Avatar means nothing- bragging about your avatar makes you a tool.


Bragging? You asked me to "prove it" and I did so by pointed to the progress that I have made, don't get all but hurt about that. At no point did I brag, I simply referenced a photo to show what I have accomplished through diet and nutrition. I am always looking to learn more, and am far from an expert, but I am also willing to correct those that I know are wrong and help those that are seeking answers to basic questions.

The OP is of similar height and weight as I am, and I have never even come close to dropping down to 2000 calories, even on a cut. All that would do is kill your metabolism and halt any fat loss altogether (unless you are severely obese which the OP isn't).

Etnelav, why don't you post some progress pictures and the diet and nutrition plan that you utilized to accomplish your goals?


I don't need ppl barking up each others arses.. I just need a bit of advise. I say lean by meaning i want to stay in game shape. I play goalie and go alot off of instict and reflexes.. Just want a diet or macro break down of calories that areneeded to make this work.


You are wrong.

The V-Diet is not based on, nor designed for, individuals undergoing athletic training. Even the resistance training portion is scaled back due to the extreme nature of the diet. I'm pretty sure that Chris himself would be the first to state this if he were part of the discussion.


No one can tell you exactly what you need to eat to lose fat while maintaining performance. However, there are plenty of formulas/programs that will give you an estimate from which you'll need to fine tune to get it right.

Why don't you start out by telling us the calories, protein, fats, and carbs you're consuming daily? Please don't just tell us the foods you're eating either. If you're serious about this, you should make the effort to calculate this.


I think you need to be getting at least 3000 calories, if not more. As for macro breakdown, you need to figure out if you respond well to carbs or not. If you do, go medium carb high protein and medium fat. If not, go low carb, medium high fat and high protein.


My macro breakdown on average is the following
160-220G protein
50-150g carbs
45-80g fat.

Depends on the day


From latest T-Nation mag. Article- dud to stud in 30 days

"Testosterone: Damn, that's a lot of work, but it sounds incredibly effective. But we all know training isn't anything without nutrition. So how is this guy gonna eat for the next 30 days? JB, you wanna start us off?

Berardi: Sure. In general, three things need to happen: fewer calories, fewer carbs, and lots of water.

For the guys who like to count everything a good rule of thumb is to eat about ten times your bodyweight in calories. So a 200-pound guy should be eating around 2,000 calories."


That is for a speed lean out, not long term.

To the OP, two things play an important part in achieving a muscular definition. The first is building the muscles, and the second is eliminating the fat that is covering them. From what you have written, it doesn't sound like you have a ton of fat that needs to be lost. I think your problem is a lack of overall muscle development.

Incorporating exercises that are great muscle builders that also blast your core, like squats, rows, deadlits etc., would be a great idea. It doesn't matter how much weight you drop if there is nothing there to be shown.

I would suggest gaining lean mass instead of cutting, I think you will be much happier with the results. Use the search functions for articles regarding lean mass gaining, there have been plenty of insightful discussion about that lately.