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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone here is a certified (Licensed?) nutritionist? If so, please PM me or reply - I have a few questions.

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you.



I think you might be better off asking some of the guys on here, rather than a 'nutritionist'.


I think a nutritionist that comes to T-Nation is one of the good guys mate.


Hey Ed,

Thanks for your response - I was really looking for someone to help me write a tailored diet for my needs. I know there are tons of articles on the website about diets, but I need one more customized to my work/workout schedule, as well as my goals and my current fitness status.

If you have experience in helping guys lean out, would you be willing to help? If anyone else is, please let me know as well.

You will find that I am very committed and dedicated to this, I just need the map to follow and I'm all in.

Hope to hear from someone.



If you are indeed very committed and and dedicated check out John Berardi's site johnberardi.com and look into the precision nutrition package. You can also get consultations from him. If you are truely dedicated thats the way to go.


Most people would share this with the entire forum, what is the need for privacy ? Writing public posts is one thing, expecting someone to give you a private one on one diet plan would be more like consultancy !


If your that serious about it. I would hire one of the pros here for your diet, Dave Barr, Lonnie Lowery, Berardi etc..

Or lay your trust in all of us. has helped me a ton over the years learning and helping here.


Yeah.. honestly, if you're an ordinary guy looking for information on how to lose weight or gain weight through weight training, members of T-Nation will probably be better than seeing your ordinary "nutritionist". Dieticians are more for people who have specific medical problems and the morbidly obese, or for people without access to resources like T-Nation.

Plus, most people who work in the field of Nutrition aren't going to work with you to create your "personalized diet plan" for free over the internet.

Don't procrastinate, just eat right and train hard.


Hey all,

Just wanted to clarify my post... what I'm looking to do is to lean up but unfortunately I can't spend mostly everyday in the gym because many days I have soccer - atleast 2 days of soccer but usually around 4-5 times per week. The carb/protein needs of an athlete that does a high cardio sport are probably different than some who weight lifts... maybe I'm wrong, but if someone can help make general changes to the diets presented on the website, that would be great.

Whihc diet would you recommend? Berardi's?

Would love to hear what worked for you all.




This thread didn't answer your question before? Seriously dude, it's been like 2 months and you still haven't read a damn thing I bet or changed your physique at all.


Look me up in a couple years after I get my official credentials. I'd probably still give you the same advice that I'd give you now though. You'd simply beleive me more then than now!