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Nutritional Variety?!?

What’s up T-men? Okay, here’s my deal…I’m on top of all the latest nutritional info, science, etc…but my problem is, I’m too damn uncreative in the kitchen. I usually end up running to a burger joint by the end of the week because I can’t think of anything to eat besides chicken breast, eggs, tuna, and your typical high protein foods. Thank goodness for MPR’s, otherwise I would have shriveled up long ago. So anyway, I was wondering if anyone out there is willing to share some of their favorite meal/snack ideas? I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem, I think this is a topic we could all benefit from.
-Thanks NK

Buy a large Wendy’s chili w/cheese and dump in a StarKist No-Drain Tuna pack (7.2oz), stir, and eat. Fast, tasty and 71g of protein.

Beef jerkey is great. I make my own and it is quite cost effective if you buy the meat in bulk and get a dehydrator (about $20) The protein content is really high and you can put it in a plastic bag and throw it in your desk drawer… I also just got a recipe for flax and cheese bars. They are good for fiber and protein, but on the high end on the carb scale (about 25g each) I’m gonna make them this weekend, and I’ll let you know how they turn out. If you have a crock pot you can make some really high protein soups VERY easily…

Gumbo: throw in shrimp, sausage(opt.), okra, corn, and rice. Or Soup: chicken, green beans, corn, tomatoes, tastes good with crackers. Those last two I make in a big pot and eat it over 3-5 days. It’s handy.
Try stir-fry, buy some sauce and seasoning, it’s good shit, w/chicken, broccoli, peppers and onions, maybe mushrooms.
In the Chanko Diet, TC recommemded cutting up chicken and throwing in rice and corn and eatin it all together.
Go to the store and buy sandwich meat and sliced cheese, then roll 4-6 slices of meat with some cheese, don’t have to cook, just keep it cold.
Try marinating a lean and thin piece of beef in A-1 sauce, like top of the round or new york strip steak, yeah that ones good. It’s like buttuh.
Lastly, find a place around ya that serves those big burritos, w/chicken, cheese, guacamole(spelling?), lettuce…lots of carbs, perhaps post-workout.
If this doesn’t help you then you can’t read English. Nah, seriously, hope this helps. Oh and let me know how you eat your tuna.