Nutritional Value In Mushrooms

Any nutritional value in Shittake and Portabello mushrooms?

Low cal 25 k/cal or so per 100G but loaded with micronutrients

Good stuff


It’s basically wood. Good for adding fiber, but that’s about it.

I have read that Shiitake mushrooms are benefitial to the reproductive system.

Shiitake mushrooms made my piss smell awful.

[quote]SpadeK wrote:
Any nutritional value in Shittake and Portabello mushrooms?[/quote]

I have no clue about portabello mushrooms except that wifey loves them. Shiitake mushrooms on the other hand have been researched in Japan for some time now. There are several health benefits of shiitake, of which is a T-cell stimulating polysaccharide called lentinan. The Japanese health care system uses this mushroom to treat everything from heart disease to tumors. They also contain 18 amino acids, seven essential and B vitamins. (referanced Perscription for nutritional healing, 3rd edition pg 80)


They’ve got listings for damn near everything based upon 100g servings (or whatever amount you enter). It’s really handy. I use it to look everything up because I know squat about nutrition.

They taste like someone’s shiitaking in my mouth, not that i would know what that tastes like.