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Nutritional Value In Banana Peels?


Recently I bought a bunch of bananas and it crossed my mind to eat the banana whole like an apple. It wasnt that bad except that it dried out my mouth a little. I just wanted to know if there was any vitamins and nutrients in the peel that would be beneficial if ingested. I recently read about the 1960's habit of smoking the peels but any info that could be offered would be greatly appreciated.


I don't know, but I've seen apes eat them like that, and apes are more closely related to us then they are to monkeys.

I'd guess there's a lot of fiber there, but I don't think I'll ever try eating it.


Unfortunately, I have nothing intelligent to contribute to this thread. I do, however, feel it's necessary to inform you that your post made me chuckle a little. The idea of someone buying a bunch of banannas and eyeing them on the way home, plucking one from the bunch and attacking the entire thing...

The question begs to be asked: did you eat the stem?


I think you've done enough smoking for today!


This does raise the question: Must the peel be included in calculations as relates to the ingestion of .9 of a single banana?


Real men eat the peel.


Are you serious? You ate the banana peel? For your next mission, eat a whole pineapple.


This also raises the question: should I be eating orange peels too? Or how about watermelon rind?

I don't know, it seems to me that you are supposed to eat the fruit inside, and the skin is just a packaging for it to ride in. It probably won't kill you, but did it really taste good? (I have a mental image of finishing off a tub of oatmeal and eating the cardboard)

I'll stick to eating the meat of the fruit.



No I didnt eat the stem and it really wasnt bad taste wise, I wasnt smoking but boredom will have your mind thinking about this that and the other. Thanks for the replies boys.


Watermelon rind WILL make you shit your brains out.


I ate a whole pineapple in a contest once.....lol


just extra fiber...


hahahahhahha.. i'm guessing you know this from experience


My pit bull loves 'em, but he also ate a lightbulb.And my Simpsons season 6 DVD's. And the panels off of a basketball. I think you get the idea.


Ha! Pussies!

Try eating all of a coconut. Or if you're a masochist, try a durian. Yeah baby! Your shit's gonna tear your rectum out...


My little boy chewed on a banana stem once and got violently ill. I don't think I recommend it.


I don't know about all that banana jibba-jabba, but I definitely eat the entire apple. I can't even tell where the fruit stops and the core begins till I hit the seeds.


With the exception of edible Brazilian dwarf bananas, the peel must be factored in using the following equation:
I(f) = \sum_{i=0}^n f(x_i) \int_a^b L_i(x) \, dx
On a side note, "single banana" is an ideological biased term distorted by traditional assumptions. I refuse to engage in any further debate on this ignoble linguistic level in the same manner as I refuse to die or refrain from posting pictures of my bare glutes.

Cheers, Allerious S.


i know the peel of an orange has extra fiber. i remember looking up trying to find if a banana peel had anything good in it about a month ago.

ive eatin the peel of an orange and a banana before. but for the most part it tastes kind of gross. and i have no clue of the nutritional content of a banana peel so i just eat the banana now after tasting that gross peel.


There should be some bad chemicals in that. bek?mpningsmedel, whatever that is in english.