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Nutritional Value Guides

I recently discovered T-Mag.com and am floored by the amount of great information here This site ROCKS !!! I’m planning on starting the 6 Week Growth Surge Project soon, but want to get my diet naked first with the help of a food log. What/Where are some of the best sources for nutritional info. I saw a site or two on the web that looked OK but lacked some basic items. Please help me out with reference sources. Are there any books or guides you can recommend.
Thanks !!!

I just picked up a book that has EVERYTHING in it (lists all carbs, fat and protein). Try any bookstore and you should be able to find something. I actually have a spread sheet in Excel format that had about 1000 lines for fat, carbs, protein and calories. I even added a page to calculate my daily goals of fat, carbs and protein so it shows me what I have left to meet the days goals.

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Here’s some sites I’ve got from other posts: www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/ cgi-bin/nut_search.pl and www.fitday.com but there are many others. In general, just get used to reading labels.

I agree with Jason - I’ve found the nutritional facts on product labels the best source of info. However, like ada, I also bought a book at book store showing the protein/carb/fat/calorie breakdown of about every food imaginable and used it a lot initially but after awhile it comes second nature. Also, I believe the glycemic index of carbs very important in properly utilizing the value of carbs (high GI for post WO, low GI all other times) and bought “The Glucose Revolution: The Authoritative Guide to the Glycemic Index” when it first came out and found it very helpful. If you do a title search at Amazon for “Glucose Revolution”, you will find a whole series of books dealing with GI now with even some speciality GI revolution books dealing with both sports nutrition and weight loss. Also, if you search, there’s lots of info on the web for GI. I believe GI is as important as all the other nutritional info/facts when planning your nutritional strategy.

Thanks for the info guys !!! Looks like it’s time for me to put my nose to the grindstone… My hat’s off to you ADA on the Excel spreadsheet. It sounds real cool. If you ever have an urge to go public with it, I bet there’d be a lot of T-Mag folks that would love to get there hands on it (wink: give the boys at t-mag a glimpse of it). Thanks again. I’m looking forward to my first Growth Surge cycle…