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Nutritional Switch


For as long as I've been training. I've used a eat as much as you can balls to the wall approach. On a good day I eat in excess of 4000 cals and over 300g protein. I geuss you could say I've been bulking for that whole period of time.... without much success in the last couple years. I want to change my approach from a quantity to a quality approach. I'm looking to cut down approx 20lbs for the summer time and was wondering if anyones tried or heard of the spartan diet? It seems promising


20 lbs is not a lot to lose....more info on yourself is helpful.

how about:


6 eggs
1 cup of oats

Meal 2:

200g of tuna with some veggies

meal 3

250g of beef with 1/2 a cup of rice.

meal 4

6 egg whites and a handful of nuts.


A casein shake.

then add any supplements to this diet increase cardio and keep lifting heavy.


This is good info.. would you recommend eating the same thing daily or is there days when you switch/cycle your meals?


Taking advice from the village idiot is never a good idea. Depending on your size, if you've truly got some since you have said you've bulked for quite some time, this may be no where close to enough calories and you'll lose a lot of muscle while doing this. There is plenty of articles on the site about nutrition, start reading up. Two approaches that a lot of people have seen success with are carb cycling and low carb. Also check out the intermittent fasting thread.


Omega 3 much?


......as much as he wants :smiley: