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Nutritional/Supplementary Overhaul Help

Hey guys, I’ll try to keep this as easy to follow as I can, but I could use some real help. Thanks in advance!

So basically I was in a lifting lull, I’ve been working out consistently (haven’t missed a scheduled day in like 6 months) but I’ve been basically treating it as something I had to do. Needless to say my diet kind of went all caddy-wompus. (Not that it was anything to be proud of originally)

But recently I’ve noticed serious progress and my spirit is back in it again, and I want to grab it by the horns while I can. Obviously easier to build better eating habits and stick with them when I’m already interested.

First off, I don’t really care to be 8pack shredded. I just want to feel healthy, and get strong as hell, while maintaining a presentable body. I’ve been really tired lately, day in and day out, and starting to feel achy.

So my ultimate questions are:

  1. What is an affordable and easy nutritional regimen to follow? Some brief details:
    -I have a hard time with breakfast. I’m not hungry in the mornings at all, and I like my beauty sleep, the easier the better.
    -I am terrible about eating colored fruits and vegetables, what are some of the best bang-for-my-buck greens to start with? (Nothing cooked preferably, generally like raw better)
    -If you can make chicken taste good again, please enlighten me.

  2. What supplements are really worth a damn?
    -I can read articles on it all day, but I’d like some personal experience
    -I get a vast amount of protein just from my diet (I’m a huge meat and potatoes kind of dude), is it worth it to get powder, or are my funds better distributed elsewhere?
    -If possible, give me your 3 most important supplements/vitamins and I’ll start with that.

  3. I drive a lot for work, so bringing my own food isn’t always ideal, about 3/5 days a week I’m more than an hour away from the shop. I typically stick with a double meat tuna and spinach footlong from subway, any alternative advice here? Or is this the best of a bad situation?

Let me know if you need anymore details, ie activity levels, lifting routine, etc. Didn’t want to make this post any longer than it is already.


Until you have #1 under control, #2 is useless. Nothing wrong with a shake since you are driving a lot though.

Learn to cook if you want food to taste good.

Thermal bag for the win when traveling.

It’s never ideal. You still have to do it.

as supplement i like to take Omega 3, vitamine D and you can add a good complex of magnesium before bed. Omega and Vit D are my all years long supplement !

when i have some more money i like proteine, bcaa, preworkout pump formula… but its not necessery

JFG: Yeah, that’s kind of why I lumped vitamins and supps in the same group, more looking for some things that people are generally deficient in, that will make my body feel a bit better. Not that I’m totally banged up by any means, but I know I eat like shit, so curious as to how much better I’d feel if stacked with a somewhat decent diet. I do hate cooking with a passion, but I’ve already broken up that barrier and at the very least prep my dinners a week in advance, I guess learning how to make it not taste like cardboard is just the next progression.

Yogi: you’re not wrong, I’ll give a bit of effort, any advice on filling lunches, preferably that don’t need to be microwaved? Microwave isn’t totally out of the question, Wilmington is a pretty big construction town, so most gas stations have one for public use.

Bigmax: I’ve got a good stockpile of fish oil, so I’ll get back on that train, and I’ll grab some Vitamin D supplements too, I eat a lot of Tuna, but I’m sure a little more wouldn’t hurt.

As far as achy joints, I just figure drinking more water and omega 3s? Or should I add something else, like glucosamine chondroitin?

I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on the lifting aspect, but short of completely cutting sugar, I’ve obviously never had much of a philosophy other than “eat big” so just pretend I’m totally new in this regard. And I’m quickly noticing age becoming a factor. *I’m only 25, but it’s night and day compared to 5 years ago.