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Nutritional Plan For HS Athlete

I am about to start my off season summer training at my high school. I’ll be training about 3-4 hours a day, about 2 hours of running and skills training and 1-2 hours of weight training and this will be about 5 days a week. I have a rediculous metabolism, and can barely maintain on 4000 kCals.at 140 Lbs. when I’m just about sedentary (except for lifting). I’m going to need about 5-6,000 calories a day.

So I was wondering what you think I should do to structure my eating program.
Here’s how a day will look like:
6:30am - wake up, stretch,eat breakfast
8:00am - football practice, sip XRated weight gainer which has like 1000 cals.
10:00am - finish of weight training/speed session, finish weight gainer
11:30am - Lunch
1:30pm - Eat
3:30 - Eat,stretch, prep. for basketball training
4:00pm - Basketball skills training session, sip 2/3 serving of XRated Weight gainer (about 650 cals.)
5:30: - end of bball, finish wieght gainer
6:30 - dinner
8:30 - eat again
9:30 - bed/stretch

So basically I just need help as I have never needed this ammount of calories with schedualing food at what time. I’m not worried about eating some junk shit since ill just burn it off anyways.

Thanks for the help.

Goals for this would also be of major help. Are you needing to add mass I would suspect??

Id say quit sipping that weight gainer and start drinking it. Add lots of milk and whole foods. what are you eating now? With that amount of activity a nice portion of carbs will be your friend. tons of sandwhiched through the day etc…

Something simple would be look at the Chanko Diet. Make a big batch of it each week and have 3-4 servings a day on top of regualr intake.

Getr those goal etc and hope this helps for now,

Phil is 100% right. Being that young with that much physical activity you need all the calcium you can handle. I wouldnt worry about the diet too much because you are young and active and just eat pretty much everything in sight. Just eat lots and often, get your calcium and you should be good to go.

I’ve put on around 10 pounds since the beginning of march, and I’ve just been drinking a ton of milk and started using Biotest protein supps about halfway throught that time.

Just bring whole sandwhiches to practice (whole grain bread) and eat them right after, with the weight gainer.

I’ll be very honest though, you should be shoving as much food into your mouth as you possibly can with that much activity.

[quote]hockechamp14 wrote:
I’ll be very honest though, you should be shoving as much food into your mouth as you possibly can with that much activity.[/quote]

This is going to be the majority of what you’re going to hear.

Also, be careful when you stretch right when you wake up. Your muscles are going to be tight, with lesser bloodflow to them than normal since they havent been moving the past 8 (hopefully) or so hours. If you’re going to stretch, warm up by walking up and down the stairs first a few times. And stretch lightly. Stretching at night is a much better idea.

Thanks for the tips. Yeah I was pretty sure I was going to get those replies. For one, I would be drinking a shit load of milk all day but I’m lactose intolerent. I still try and drink as much of the lactose free stuff but it just seems to f*ed up to me for some reason.

Oh and yeah my goals is to gain about 10 Lbs, so looks like I have some serious eating to do. Good thing I can’t ever fill up :slight_smile: