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Nutritional Newbie Information Help!

Okay so a little background of myself in a nutshell. I used to be into weight lifting and eating tons and getting huge, love it. However everytime track/cross season came around; I lost hella weight. Right now I am about 155 and about 8% bodyfat 6"1. Call me pinner I know, for anyone that has any idea of the significance of these numbers (if any) my PR in the 800m is 1:55.

I thought my diet was pretty good leading up until now, I try not to indulge much (today I kinda splurged; christmas morning got me good haha). However, reading here lately and talking to my buddy, I’m thinking my diet could use a makeover.

I’m lookingn to make my diet basically close to impeccable. Up until now my diet basically has consisted of lots and lots of carbs; I basically live off toast, cereal, and pasta. I’m going to start switching the cereal out for oatmeal or eggs or both because I know it’s not great for you (high in surgar, even though I go for oragnic whole wheat cereals).

I supplement with Fish Oil, CoQ10, Vitamin D, and I drink a lot of green tea (Matcha brew). I also try to get in a ton of fruit everyday. Basically what I am trying to get at is; what should be the staples of my daily diet?

I am thinking the supplements I am using right now, and basically cutting down on the carbs besides before running. I have been reading basically lots of fruits, nuts, and lean meats? I do have a peanut allergy unfortunately, but other nuts should be fine.

Thanks so much,

Okay, first off, everything depends on your goals. Do you want to gain weight? Do you care if you go above your current bf%? Are you still lifting? I assume your cross country season is over, correct? Post these, and it will help.

Second, impeccable is subjective. Some people think the diet you were on would fit the bill, but not on this site. Most would recommend basing your diet around a protein source at every meal. There is a debate on meal frequency, 3 squares vs. 6+ meals a day.

Depends on your situation, like if your living off your chow hall, 3 meals a day would be standard. You could supplement those 3 with protein shakes as snacks, or any other protein source basically.

Once you get the timing set up, you should think about total calorie intake. Again, goals are the most important factor. Check out www.fitday.com to track your daily intake, it might shock you. Look up the articles called Massive Eating by Dr Berardi, if you’re really looking to put on some muscle.

Otherwise, steak, chicken, fish, turkey, ham, duck, or any other dead animal is a good start. Eggs and cottage cheese work well, too. Then add healthy fats like avocados or almonds, and the ever popular olive oil.

Finally, once you have those bases covered, top them off with vegetables. Like, every kind they sell at the market, and others you might need to look around for (think asian markets). Fruit is good, but not more than 5-6 a day. One a meal should be plenty, if you can actually eat that much after a protein and fat source.

Finally, some whole grains are a healthy breakfast. Like oatmeal, not that og cereal you mentioned. Not instant either, whole rolled oats, period. Splenda is a nice sugar alternative, check out Chris Shugart for plenty of recipes that’ll amaze you.

Then you could start cycling your meals, with 1 being protein and fat, the next being protein and carbs. Good way to regulate insulin. Basically, check out the e-book “Set Your Metabolism on Fire” by Dr. Clay Hyght. He’ll set you straight in simple steps. Covers everything I mentioned, and a whole lot more.

Merry Christmas. I can’t believe I actually typed that long of an answer, Dr. Clay’s book will really explain all of this.

Well, no I am not really looking to put on weight really. My body I know is capable with all the cardio I do to lower my bodyfat and gain muscle if I tighten up my diet a bit. Indoor season is coming up so no time to really bulk and cut.

Awesome, thanks for the advice, I will try to check out those sources you cited, and increase my healthy fat intake, however I do substitute butter with coconut oil and do try to have my fair share of olive oil already. I’m thinking mainly what I need to do is start cutting a lot of the carbs I take in on a given day and replace them with protien sources.

Definitely plan to check out those recipes, however I don’t think I will be using Splenda (read it’s not exactly the greatest for your body).

Thanks for the input!