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Nutritional Needs to Reach My Goals


Hello all.

181 lbs
Haven't found out BF in a few months, but i dropped from 197 lbs.

I just recently started using www.livestrong.com to track my food intake and i'm astonished at the feedback. If anyone also has it, let me know and i'll friend you so you can see my daily plate. Today i had..

1 Whole egg
3 Egg whites
2 pieces of trader joes 10 grains bread
2 Slices of turkey

Next meal:

Cup of fatfree cottage cheese
1 tablespoon of Smart peanut butter

Next meal:

1 scoop EAS whey protein
1 Cup 1% Milk
Hand full of almonds

Next meal:

1 scoop EAS whey protein
Cup of 1% milk

So far it's totaling. 1,260 calories / 36g Fat / 90g carbs

I feel that i don't need any more carbs(it was an off day) and not really any more fat. Yet i don't feel right drinking 5 more protein shakes to get my protein intake where it should because i'm sure i'll feel sick.

Bench: 295 (tore cartilage in sternum so barely been doing, which hasn't healed for over 2 months now)
Deadlift: was 340(now i'm not sure, little over a month ago i got patella femoral syndrome)

I feel that i should eating A LOT more calories, yet 90g of carbs on an off day still seems like a lot. On workout days i eat around 180g carbs. My goal is strength, but not at the expense of gaining body fat.

I work out with a lot of intensity. Minimum 1 hour 15 min ..1 hr 45 min max at the gym, 30 second rests. Lately i've been incorperating more circuts, and a lot of pushups, pullups, and planks. My first exercise is 4x6-8....rest are 3x10-12.

Split is basically due to injuries(fucking sucks) is:

Monday: Back/abs/ Very light leg press to help strengthen my knee
Wednesday: Shoulders/arms/traps
Friday: Some of everything/abs

Mixing in pushups and some sort of pullup or chinup in all days. Because of my knee i can't run.

Any other information that can be of use, please let me know, any advice what I should do? It's hard to believe that people literally have +8 protein shakes a day as that would be expensive and not sure if it's simply not healthy. Thank you for your time.


You're trying to gain weight on 1300 calories? You're trying to gain weight on circuit graining? Also, generally 100g or so of carbs is considered low.

Do you realize that you can get protein from sources that aren't shakes?

If you're not a troll, then yes you should be eating more in you're trying to gain weight.


What are you trying to accomplish? Why are you so scareda fat?



If not, double, if not triple, your calorie intake. 1200 cals is unhealthy. Swap the fat free cottage cheese for the real stuff (4% milkfat?) It tastes better and will give you some more calories. Are you eating no solid food for dinner? Or am I reading your post incorrectly? Get a solid food meal in, something like chicken/steak with a salad or other veg and some healthy fats from dressing/blue cheese etc


My girlfriend eats more calories than you do.



Eat more.

Don't be afraid of gaining fat because with the muscle that comes with it you will look fucking good


Sup fellas, thanks for your replies.

My goals are too lose bodyfat, but i'd still like to go up in my lifts. I understand that i can't drastically do both at the same time, but i like lifting heavy and i like eating good food. I've recently read about how one can slow down their metabolism by eating below maintenance for too long so i'm not sure if that has caused me to plateau at 180 lbs. I'm recently eating more, i haven't been really keeping track so i can't tell you what i'm eating now. But...do you guys think it's better to eat MORE meals, or just eat 5-6 meals and eat more DURING each meal? I don't want to gain fat though. My calipers should be coming any time now, but is there any way to get a good starting point from you guys in regard to my protein/carb/fat intake? I've started to think that it's not so much calories to pay attention to, but the grams for each macro-nutrient.

Supplements i take are : Protein Powder, Creatine, sometimes glutamine if i'm extra sore, sometimes beta nox if i'm feeling worn out(pre workout drink), and sometimes superfood when i think of it.

Thank you for your time.



Protein shakes are meant to be a supplement. They should not take the place of a real whole foods like: chicken, steak, pork, potatoes, spinach, broccoli & vegetables, pasta, brown rice, milk and dairy.. etc.

For lunch you should could have meat/vegetables and an hour later have a protein shake if you feel that you're not getting enough protein from food. You can also do this after dinner and before bed have a casein shake.

For instance I balance my meals with supplemental shakes, it looks like this:

weight gainer shake
weight gainer shake
pre-workout protein shake
post workout protein shake
night time snack
casein protein shake before sleeping

I'm not recommending that you start taking weight gainer shakes, those are to boost my daily intake by about 1,200 calories. I have very high caloric needs and I put on weight very slow. You should start by stocking up on some large bags of chicken or other meats. Getting your protein from various sources will be better for your body.


I don't think you want to try to slow your metabolism down by starving yourself, that's not the right way to lose weight. You should calculate your Basal metabolic rate (BMR) to get an idea of how much you should be eating during your meals and go from there.

Usually a plateau indicates that your not getting enough protein or nutrients so the muscle cannot grow, As long as you are maintaining a healthy sleeping routine (8-9 hours).


With regards to the meals, it doesn't matter just pick whichever is more convenient and allows you to get your calories in.