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Nutritional Maintenance for 2-a-Days

I was able to find my sweet spot of 3000 calories during my week off from PL before the competition. This equates to roughly 14 calories per pound of lean body weight which is dead on per my research.

My question is directed more towards the BB’s who main train twice per day. My goal is to cut a few weight classes and I am not worried about losing strength. But what I am concerned about is getting in enough calories to not feel like shit but still able to lose weight. Is there a rule of thumb for number of calories to shoot for?

I do 40min SS cardio in Morning plus my assessory exercises as per my new training plan for next 12 weeks 4 days per week. Afternoon time, I do my main lift which will be more intense than my morning session. I am still tracking calories and I was just wandering if there is a some number to start with and I know to adjust accordingly on a weekly basis to produce desired results.

Thanks in advance!

It really depends on your individual metabolism, but a good place to start is 300-500 calories below maintenance. Then lower it again if your weight loss stalls.

I think the rule of thumb is to cut 10%. I’d suggest you strive to get the same protein count, but it’s all really up to you. If you just want to lose weight, then don’t worry about some magic formula, just cut a few cals out and see how you feel and adjust accordingly.