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Nutritional Lies!


what are some nutritional lies or bullshit advice that either
*you've fallen for and suffered the consequences
*you hear on a constant basis
*you've told people and see the error of you're ways now


breakfast cereal is healthy
fat is bad(thanks to bonez217 for finally getting me to eat some!)
white bread is healthy
(not so much nutritional advice)
anyone over 200 lbs lean is on steroids.


Well, when I first heard about low-carb back in 1998 or 1999 it sounded completely nuts. I now know that you don't really need to go to the extremes with it, but I do wish I'd not eaten so much bread and rice earlier in life.

The fear of fat will not die for many many years I think.

I really wish the nutritionists would have called dietary fats 'lipids' or something so that people wouldn't always automatically associate fats in the foods they eat as always leading to their jiggly guts and thighs.


That pizza is unhealthy


Low fat/Lite. Low fat is usually high sugar. I now take full fat and watch the sugar content of everything.


I have an issue with this. It may not be unhealthy, but it's certainly not nutritional and if it is nutritional depends a great deal on who prepared it and with what ingredients. And I don't believe it is a food that should be consumed excessively unless you're already sporting a dynamic physique, close to single digit body fat etc.


There are no lies in nutritional advice. Just a twisting of facts until it resembles a stinking lump of horse shit.

Just ask anybody.


High protein diet is bad for ur kidney (healthy and unhealthy individuals included)
Canola oil is healthier althernative to vegatable oil
Soymilk is good for the heart and apparently many other things
eating eggs will give u high choloestrol (eventhough I doubt high cholestrol, LDL is the cause of the dieseases that was claimed to be)


"You MUST eat junk food on a regular basis in order to lose weight."

I fell for that one years ago when I was trying to lose weight after my pregnancy. I had a fucking trainer stress the importance of eating some sort of candy or cookies every damn day or else I'd freak out and binge and gain more weight. What a load of crap, I've never "binged" in my life and I hate that I fell for that.

Last time I heard this bullshit was from some 200 pound woman who told me that I would end up fat because I don't eat cookies. Bitch outweighs me by nearly 100 pounds, but she definitely knows more about staying lean than I do. A year ago, I would've made her cry but now it's just so fucking sad to hear this stupid, stupid shit and realize that they have ZERO chance of losing their fat ass because they buy into it 100%.

"Meat causes diabetes."

I've been hearing this one more and more and I can't figure out where the hell it came from. I finally asked one of them for some proof and they sent me a link to a fucking blog. The "proof" consisted of statements such as: "OBVIOUSLY, meat is UNHEALTHY. Diabetes is OBVIOUSLY caused by poor health. Therefore, meat OBVIOUSLY causes diabetes."

Yeah, and vegetarians wonder why people think they're fucking retarded. The intelligent vegetarians out there should hunt down these dickwads for making them look so goddamn stupid.


The first lie is the thread title.


My COLLEGE COACH AND HIS NUTRITIONIST WIFE told me that ZMA was "A waste of money." I didn't listen of coarse.


Must have been rough.




Soy is healthy


That what you get in supplements is whats on the label.


That was funny dude.


I don't know if it falls under nutritional advice, but I'm going with "all that muscle will turn to fat."


Not so much a lie as it is a misconception, but the idea that turkey makes you sleepy.


X2. Most under appreciated comment of the week.


That's a new one. Lifestyle, lack of exercise, sugar intake and hereditary causes Diabetes. You can't reverse hereditary but if you work hard on the other three you WILL be Diabetes controlled and add 20 or more years to your life.


Intelligent vegetarian? I automatically write them off as a moron as soon as somebody utters those disgusting words "I don't eat meat"

Vegetarians love to tell everyone how they get a "complete, balanced" diet from eating plants. Bullshit. They maybe get a "complete" diet, according to the FDA guidelines, which anyone with any sense ought to know is complete bullshit.

And if there's any herbivores on here, I'm not sorry. I hate vegetarians.