Nutritional Lies

This site is great for its nutritional information thats backed by science and anecdotal evidence. It seems theres been so many rediculous nutritional claims throughout the years, and I thought lowfat was the worst… until I saw this ad. I found this in a 1965 National Geographic. As I read, I kept hoping that I was going to read it was a joke but it was 100% serious. I know sugar has a place pwo, but not a place like they describe here.

“The Plain Truth About Your Sweet Tooth”

Do you recall the messages we brought you in the past about sugar? How something with sugar in it before meals could help you curb your appetite?
We hope you didn’t get the idea that our little diet tip was any magic formula for losing weight. Because there are no tricks or shortcuts, the whole diet subject is very complicated. Research hasn’t established that consuming sugar before meals will contribute to weight reduction or even keep you from gaining weight. But if sugar isn’t thinning, it isn’t fattening either.
Because no food, in and of itself, is fattening. (And sugar is most definately a good and useful food.) You’ll gain weight if you consistently take in more calories than you need for energy. You’ll lose weight if you consistently take in less calories than you burn up.
But whether you’re gaining or losing, you should take in a balanced diet, and thats where sugar comes in.
You need vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. And it just so happens that sugar is the best tasting carbohydrate. It’s a food you enjoy. A food that is absorbed into your bloodstream rapidly so it helps you bounce back.
And that good natural sweetnesss gives you a sense of satisfaction and well-being. A nice little psychological lift.
You want to lose weight? Your doctor will tell you to excercise more and eat less but stick with a balanced diet. And sugar, in moderation, has a place in a diet like that.

For more facts about good nutrition, and sugars role in it, write:
Sugar Information, General PO Box94
New York, New York, 10001"

LMAO…that’s great!

Who needs a protein shake when you can have a double hot fudge and caramel sundae?

I dunno what’s funnier - the article or the picture!

they’re almost on the ball, but at the same time completely miss. It’s interesting, funny, and disturbing at the same time.

[quote]xdime00 wrote:
A food that is absorbed into your bloodstream rapidly so it helps you bounce back.

i almost bounced outta my seat after i read this…haha…who needs those “best tasting carbs” when you got articles like this to keep u going…good find! lol

If only that article were true…:frowning: