Nutritional Info-Outback Steakhouse

Anybody know where I can find Outback Steakhouse nutritional info? I’m sure I could guesstimate fairly accurately, but I’d like to know if there’s any official nutritional info out there for Outback. Thanks.

I believe it’s a law that this info must be provided. So either ask for the info at the restaurant or check their website. I asked at all the fast food places and they all gave me a brochure with a breakdown of everything.

I have heard that an outback appetizer, ie the awesome blossom, has something like 3,000 calories and 180 grams of fat. hint: skip the appetizers and head right for the steak!

If you’re like me, the peanuts at Outback
are a dieting disaster more or less pre-ordained, unless you move them from the table immediately :slight_smile:

A steak and the steamed vegetables can keep
calories under control.

Peanuts, Outback? We don’t have those in Texas, at other Texas style steakhouses but Outback, interesting.

Sorry, my error. I was thinking of the
Texas Roadhouse (I eat at both steakhouses.)

At Outback the adverse temptations for me are the bread and the coconut fried shrimp. (If anyone else is tempted by the Blooming Onion, it’s a disaster beyond measure. I think it is something like 1500 or 2000 calories!)

Again, steak and vegetables makes a good bb’ing meal at Outback.

My two favorites too.

All I know is up here in Canada the Outback is insanely expensive. I took a gal to one and we didn’t get that much but the bill was like 60 bucks. I thought the portions were small and of average quality. I usually expect to pay around 30 to 40 bucks for dinner for 2 at a steakhouse. I can expect paying more at a fancy place but it’s just a steakhouse. :slight_smile:

i got the 10 victorias filet, salad with mustard vinagrette, and steamed veggies the other day. damn good meal, and the veggies like squash and normally things i dont like, taste damn good.

The bread kills me, too. All warm and soft… Oooooh god. I usually stick with the steak and veggies myself, or the salmon and veggies (but I always feel like a retard when I order something other than steak at a steakhouse).

Was that $60 Canadian? If so, you have a cheap date, my friend. Really, it isn’t that spendy a place, particularly for the quality. I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been to several of the top steakhouses* in the country (you know, the ones that show up regularly in the top 10) and I’ve found one thing. The Outback, while often being much (sometimes 50%) cheaper, delivers steak that is only a half-notch down from the big (and expensive) boys. Anyone else agree/disagree? *=ie, The Ringside, The Metropolitan Grill, Prime, Schula’s, etc.

Is anyone here from around Abilene or San Angelo? I think Lowake Steakhouse and Zentner’s are the two greatest steakhouses in the world. Labor Day weekend I’m driving the family to Lowake from Brownsville because I have a craving I can’t kill down here.

Well, I like the Outback, and around here
anyway it’s the best of the reasonable-price
steakhouses, but according to what I’d call a “notch,” Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is at least a full notch better, maybe two notches.
But I will eat there only about once or twice
a year since dinner for two is typically over
$100, and that’s too rich for my blood.

I’d agree with your ranking of Outback and Ruth Chris. RC is definately superior in an absolute sense, but in the end I suspect Outback has a better value. Not quite the quality, but you can certainly afford to eat there once a month. RC? Ahh… special occasions! So very easy to end up at $70 a head at those highest-tier resturants.

A friend of mine, my sister and I dropped $270 at Ruth Chris. Might seem like quite a lot, but the appetizers, dinner, dessert and alcohol sure does add up. I was pretty disappointed the last two times I was there, though - my steak wasn’t cooked right on both occasions. For a nice steak that won’t totally empty my wallet, I like Longhorn’s.