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Nutritional Guidelines for Strength Routine

I am going to be working out twice a day starting tomorrow. This is my program:

Monday, AM: 25 eccentric push-ups, as many as I can at a time. 4x6 barbell row. 5 minutes squat thrusts.
Monday, PM: either 2x15 or 3x10 push-ups on incline. either 2x15 or 3x10 facepulls. forearm and grip work. 5 minutes jump-roping.

Wednesday, AM: 4x6 alternating front squat and deadlift. isolation work for glutes and calves.
Wednesday, PM: ~6 1/8 mile all out sprints on track.

Friday, AM: 25 eccentric chin-ups, 25 eccentric dips, both as many as I can at a time. 5 minutes jump-roping.
Friday, PM: either 2x15 or 3x10 for each chin-ups and drips with bands. forearm and grip work. 5 minutes squat thrusts.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: ~2x week, possibly a swim, walk, 30 minutes on the elliptical, or short run.

I am master of strict dieting when it comes to cutting. But this is not what I am going for anymore. I’ve had an eating disorder half my life. Lifting weights really helps me keep it under control, since I need to eat to perform. I am now looking to shed some of the obsession that comes with keeping such a strict diet all the time.

I weigh bewteen 145-150lb, am female, and 5’9". I have a pretty tiny body frame, and I am moderately lean. It looks as if lift weights or play sports. I don’t actually play sports, I just get that a lot from people who don’t know me.

I am thinking of keeping excellent and timely pre and post workout nutrition, and kind of winging the rest. By winging the rest, I mean eating moderate amounts of clean foods, and not counting calories.

I have never done a strength routine before, and am looking for advice on how to gain the most strength, while staying lean, and keeping muscle size to a minimum. I would like to gain some muscle mass, but one of my goals is to be able to manipulate my bodyweight. I need some sort of balance.

My eating and supplement schedule for the days I workout 2x a day would look something such as:

pre-workout meals: 3/4 cup dry oatmeal, 1 1/2 scoop protein shake
post-workout meals: 1 1/2 scoop protein shake, 5g BCAA’s, 5g creatine

I would workout at 12:30pm and 4pm. So there would be no solid meals until after both workouts. I hate the feeling of having things in my stomach while training, and was wondering if only having shakes and oatmeal would hinder my results.

I have surge, but am not sure if my workouts would warrent its use, what do you guys think? Maybe just 1/3 a serving each time? Or don’t even both?

I feel as if I have so many more questions to ask, but I can’t think of them right now. I am basically looking for a critique, advice, tips, guidelines, a complete overhaul, suggestions on foods and supplements, a slap on the ass, anything goes really.

Thanks guys.

First, Ideally doing 2-a-days would be separated by more time.

Eating for strength/size is the same as cutting. Eat the same foods, but eat more.

Just shoot for a sizeable chunk of protein at eat solid food meal. Eat a piece of fruit and a veggie with each meal and get post work out nutrition in order (Surge after weight training, just a solid meal after endurance work). With all that you should be good to go.

[quote]LetMeFly wrote:
I am thinking of keeping excellent and timely pre and post workout nutrition, and kind of winging the rest. By winging the rest, I mean eating moderate amounts of clean foods, and not counting calories.

I do exactly this. The only thing is that you have to be sure your “autopilot” eating mode is really clean. Clean is the only way I’ve eaten since I really started cooking for myself, so this system works well for me.

I have been eating on “autopilot” for a while now. Its so easy for me to eat clean, it hurts. Like really, its driving me crazy. But anyways. I feel you with that cooking for yourself thing.

Do you really think Surge post-workout is necessary since the workouts are so short? If so, how much? Like 1/2 or 1/3 a serving each time? Consider I am only 145lb. I already have the Surge, so thats not a problem.

Is there a difference between eating for strength and eating of hypertrophy? I read in a recent article that you eat the same way but only in surplus for hypertrophy, or something like that.