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Nutritional Food to Bulk With

Im looking to start bulking to get bigger and the shred it up when the time comes. But i was just curious about some clean nutritional foods to use to bulk with. I currently eat mainly just chicken, fish and tons of fruit. Stay away from the desserts and all that. I know i need to increase the amount i am eating. But i was just curious if i am eating the right stuff before i start increasing the amount of them i am consuming.

Eat some darn beef.

Whole eggs, nut butters, various nuts, seeds, olive oil, oats, breads, cheese, cottage cheese

Those are just a few I could think of at the moment

raw eggs…

Go back a few pages. There’s bound to be a couple of threads detailing this very topic. There’s a new one each week so I’m sure you’ll find one.

Are people still questioning what human beings eat?

nutritious vs nutritional learn engrish

Steak, ground beef, eggs, oatmeal, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pork, rice. If you get worried about “balancing” out your fats throw in an avocado here and there.

lamb burgers


Chicken breast

Pure delicious bacon. Meat of the gods.

Nuts (peanuts, almonds, cashews), peanut butter, eggs, ground beef (this especially, my main bulking food), steak, milk (chocolate milk is good too), yogurt, cottage cheese (or quark if you live in Europe), rice, potatoes, salmon, avocado, bananas, chicken, oats…

There’s so much easy food out there bro, just start eating.