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Nutritional Confusion


Hello all, ok short story time....so I have a question that I've been looking for an answer to and have yet to be successful in said search.

I have about 5 years PL experience and was trained by my pops, an old school PLer totalled around 1800 classic raw @ 242 in his hay day, dude knows his stuff. I took a break then saw how tubs I was. I've been back in the game for about a year and 4 months doing powerlifting, and some CF, whilst eating a Paleo-based meal plan and have recently adopted Carb Nite as well, great success! Fat has dropped, 40 lbs, and totals moved up consistently, 1285 to 1445, awesome!

My issue now is I'm stuck at 220, can't get down below that and I know its my nutrition that is holding me back. I've been having an internal battle with conventional nutrition, BMR, telling me to eat 3500-4000 calories a day with a billion carbs whereas Paleo is, well, Paleo and tells me to eat when I'm hungry...I've been mixing the two and ending up around 2500 calories daily. My supplementation is minimal as I'm trying to be as natural as I can. However I'm still carrying a pooch in the front and some baby back fat! I've always been afraid of getting the fat back if I eat like "they" tell me to.

A. Long term: Become an elite raw PLer!
2. Short term: Lean out to solid 198 for nationals in November after which I will start working towards becoming a very dense 220!
III. Immediate: Start two-a-days in the coming weeks

What should I do? Haha!
What should I do nutritionally to most efficiently reach my goals?
Do I follow conventional daily caloric numbers with Paleo values?

A nutritionally confused atholete!


I would head over the Powerlifting section.

The best diet is the one you will stick to, enjoy and that is complementary to your goals. You already answered all your questions as far as your present diet.

Nothing wrong with a protein shake.