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Nutritional Breakdown of Fish?


I was wondering what the nutritional breakdown is for Whiting fillets?

I've been craving it over the weekend, so I figure it must contain something my body is lacking.

Anyone got any idea?


I don't know about the fish, but since I've been craving a Coke does it mean that my body is lacking corn syrup or caffeine?


Go to:www.nutritiondata.com

or try usda.gov

They both have detailed analysis of several thousand foods.



Dont know the exact off the top of my head but it is a VERY lean fish. like 1 g fat per 100 or so.


thanks. I'll check those sites out. I had no clue where to begin looking and google didn't yield any informative results. (I can't figure out how to search effectively. :P)


Could be the caffeine if you're a heavy caffeine drinker.

I say indulge once in awhile! :slight_smile:


Actually, my point was that craving something has little to do with whether your body needs it.

Obviously, there's nothing wrong with fish though.


I would disagree. But I've long thought that when one craves something, it's because whatever you're craving contains somehting you're lacking. Not necessarily that an individual craves the cheese in Doritos, for instance. (My weakness.) But perhaps your sodium level is imbalanced.

I have no scientific proof to back that up, though. :slight_smile: I've had that theory for 16 yrs, though.