nutritional and supplement advice

hey guys. sorry to flood the board but i have one last question i hope you all can help me with. per the advice of the wise t-men on this forum i am trying CT’s OVT program for cutting.
here are my supplements and nutritional program while on this program:

Pure creatine mono
Whey isolate (after workouts and sometimes in the morning)
Hot Rox
debating on trying Surge

my diet is roughly as follows:
6 meals
about 250g of protien, 75-125g of carbs and 3 teaspoons of flax oil a day. that comes to about 2100-2400 cals/day.

please let me know what you think, especially about supps and Surge (if it is worth the money or not). i am confident with my training and cardio program but not my nutr. and supp. i am really trying to dial it in for summer.

I would personally drop the glutamine and spend that cash on surge. It will give you a much bigger payback.

Also flax is great but I would get some fish oil in there.

Those are my two little bits with the info. provided.

Hope it helps,

The only supps you need are low carb grow for xtra protein and surge for post workout save the rest of your money for food.

Lean meats, low GI fruits, fibrous veggies, nuts, flax oil and fish oil.

from what it sounds like everyone is a big fan of Surge so it looks like i will have to give it a try. thanks.