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i’ve been a personal trainer for 3 years and im about to receive my performance nutrition certification from the i.s.s.a. im looking for ideas on how to go about introducing nutrition to the gym members. i know just about everyone, and getting people to sign up for nutritional councelling isn’t a problem, but how much do i charge?? do i give package deals?? does anyone have any experience or ideas on how to go about doing this the right way?? any imput would be greatly appreciated! thanks.

Congrats, the SPN is a very informative cert to have and depending on your location can add to your training business. I’m assuming youve checked your states statuatory regulations regarding the practice and marketing of nutritional services. The price you charge depends on where you are located and the competition and demand for such services. I like to do mine in packages with nutrition and training programs, although because of my current situation I don’t advertise or market my services. I found it best to charge a flat rate for x-length of nutritional counseling. So after I do a nutritional evaluation, I charge them (x)dollars for a detailed 1 week nutrition program. Then I would do the 2nd week and so on. It enables you to better track their results and see if they are sticking to it, so you can make the necessary adjustments to kcal intake and macronutrient ratio as well as their supplement program. As far as marketing goes, email Patrick or visit the ISSA q-board and he will give you very useful information.

I’m glad someone brought up the performance nutrition cert…I’ve been pondering this and was wondering what type of job opportunities this would provide. I’m about finished with the CPT certification from ISSA.

Monty, I think the SPN is a great certification to give you a foundation of sports nutrition from which to build upon. As far as the business side, it entirely depends on which state you live on and the requirements set forth by that state in the practice of nutrition. Overall, Im very pleased with the SPN and the doors it has opened and I would highly recommend it.

Hey Chef, don’t you live in Lincoln? I’m 90 min. away in GI. I may be moving up there in the next six months or so. How long do you think it would take from start fo finish to complete it, assuming I’m a person with what I consider very good nutrition knowledge? Thanks for replying.

Yeah I’m in Lincoln going to UNL. Start to finish 4-6 weeks if you already have a foundation and can put some time into it everyday. With the format of the test, it comes down to how much time you can put into studying everyday.

Your location is important. I have worked in areas where people were just too conservative and I had a difficult time even after offering dicounts.
Right now, I just offer it as an addition to my personal training. But I don’t advertise it. If people want a meal planner, I offer it at the same rate I would charge for training. It seems to be working for me much better this way.
People need to understand the importance and value of proper nutrition. Without it, you are not going to get the results by just becoming active. Sorry for the rant…Best to you.