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what up me again. ok when i said i my diet wasnt the best i didnt mean it was terrible and i was really looking for advice on a good diet for cutting to competition status. right now i probably consume anywhere from 3000 to 3500 cal a day for a gaining cycle. my split is probably around 20% fat 40%carb and 40% protein right now. any help on how to adjust this to either really make some good gains in the next month and a half or any advice on good cutting diets would be helpful. thanks

It seems like this has been covered many times. try a search

Hey, Ryan. I’ll give you some quick tips, but go ahead and do some searches on the topic.

Based on your weight, you need to be getting 1.5 and maybe up to 2g of protein per day. If you weight 150 lbs, you need 225 to 300g of protein per day.

You want good gains, but minimal fat. Divide everything up into 6 or more meals per day. Flood your body with nutrition all of your waking hours. And if you wake up in the midddle of the night, drink a protein shake.

Pre- and post-workout nutrition. Take in a good post-recovery drink like Surge. Critical!
Also, get in a good protein drink about an hour before you work out.

Work out hard! Get plenty of sleep. Don’t eat anything out of a box. Eat your vegetables. Avoid sugar.

Start keeping a food log. 4H-ers are more scientific about the calves and pigs they raise than the general population is about their own body composition. A food log will allow you to track your progress and tweak and fine-tune your program. Subtle shifts yield the highest-quality end results. Do a search on the home page for food log. Besides if you track how much you’re eating and snacking, you can always add in another 250 calories a day (which equates to a half pound increase/loss per week) if you don’t see the results you’re looking for.

Those are my quick thoughts. Good luck to you!!!