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Hi, I’ve started the Body for Life program. In my 4th week and the workouts are going great. The eating is not. I’ve been low carbing forever and for the first 3 weeks of this program, not eating much - lost 15 pounds, but of course no muscle. Now I want to tone up, but am afraid to eat the carbs the diet calls for. Can I gain muscle by doing the workouts and eating protein with low carbs?
Any information would be great.

Sure!! In fact, this is just the place to come. I would recommened adding some boron to your supplementation. Seeing as how you’ve been in it for a whole four weeks now, you might want to look into some synthol… just to keep that ‘pump’ look going. Also, if you want to gain the most lean mass without putting on fat, be sure that you aren’t eating too frequently. Yeah, the plan calls for frequent meals, but thats speeding up your metabolism and burning away precious muscle… you want to cut down to maybe 3 meals a day, each around 1000 calories. Try to arrange it so the last meal has all your carbs for the entire day. Good Luck!

The problem with BFL is that a “serving” the size of your palm is too arbitrary and you are very likely under eating.

You have come to the right place for information; unfortunately, the mere mention of Body-for-LIFE will get you flamed. If it gets you in the gym, finish it and then move on to a more comprehensive program.

As far as your question, it is generally difficult to gain significant amounts of muscle without a significant amounts of carbs.

If your primary goal is still fat loss, and you would like to take the low-carb route, check out the T-Dawg diet here at T-Mag. A search for "diet" will bring it up, along with a host of other articles you should read.

Others I strongly recommend are: "The Missing Ingredient"; "Massive Eating"; "The Diet Manifesto" "The Essential Berardi"; and "Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid."

Read all of those and you'll be well on your way to eating effectively for any goal you set for yourself. Hope this helps.

Well, When the BFl program first started they were a little more deliberate with the formulas for sucess, I.E. 10 calories per pound of weight and 1 oz of water per lb as well as 1 gram of protien per pound and finally a plan for the carbs too which is a formula I can’t remember now. They had to water it down for us newbies because they were taking total fat slobs like me to the gym to learn how to work out and get in shape. Personally I don’t think that flaming anyone for getting off their asses and doing something about their life and the shape they are in is very kewl of anyone. I mean BFL’ers are not body builders in the traditional sense.
I think they do a good job laying down a basic foundation to launch from and build some good habits. Give us BFL’ers a chance! We are here aren’t we? Give us credit for that at least. ;)_

I suggest you choose one goal, either to lose fat or gain muscle. Going for both will yield suboptimal results, or no results at all. Generally speaking you need a calorie deficit to lose fat, and a calorie excess to gain muscle. By the way, I suggest you not mention the ‘tone’ word around here, because it means something very specific. Read some articles, hang around for a while, and you might see what I mean.

Please define “tone up” for us. I think that concept’s a bit over most of our heads…

Hee hee hee hee…

As john said their is a large amount of info on this site concerning eating plans. Look through the past articles and i am sure you will find something.

keep in mind adding carbs to your eating plan when done correctly will assist you in adding muscle tissue. In respect to amount of carbs this depends on a number of factors and everyone is slightly different.

Refer to Dipasquales book The Metabolic Diet and Jay Robb’s Fat Burning Diet.
Coach Hale

I agree with John on this. The fist concept might be as a starting point, but, as you lose weight, your fist will stay about the same size. How much fat can you lose off your hand anyways? Ideally, you would want to have an idea of # of cals being taken in, and the fist rule makes it hard to do such a thing. If you have lost 15lbs in 3 weeks, I would rethink your eating because that much weight lose so fast sounds unhealthy. Take a look at JB’s Lean Eatin Part 2. They have a list of foods from which to select.

Allow me to extinguish those flames for you, you’re going to set off the fire alarms with that type of post.

Read Foods That Make You Look Good Nekkid.

You need to make sure you are choosing the right types of food. Don’t be afraid of carbs, just realize which ones are good for you and which ones are bad. Oatmeal? Good. Bagel with cream cheese? Not so good.

As suggested earlier, decide on your goals. Then read the FAQ section and look at diets and lifting programs. Find one the suits your needs, if you’re not sure, ask with specific questions. Eat clean and lift hard. Good luck.