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Hey fellows im around 175 right now and im trying to get too at least 200 right now with the least amount of fat on me possible. I was wondering if anyone had a nutrition plan or something that will work for me, and also wondering about what kind of supplements I need too take to get me there.


See The MAG-10 Plan for Success www.testosterone.net/articles/185mag.html

Chris, try John Berardi’s “Massive Eating” programs; do a search on the site and it’ll come up. As far as supplements, you’d do well with some Mag-10 if you’re not averse to taking pro-hormones. Read the “Mag-10 Plan for Success” by Tim Patterson for a general idea. Hope this helps.

supplement with a lot of food and heavy lifting

Food. Eat food. You can take Mag-10, but I only recommend it when you hit a wall. It is at most going to put 10 pounds on you in a two week cycle.You can accomplish this without it unless you are at that wall. I have had success with eating big. I just say get sloppy and then cut the excess off later. We are talking a couple pounds difference. My meals are like this.Breakfast is 4 jumbo eggs, cheese, 3 pieces of wheat toast, 1 glass of milk. I like whole milk or Vitamin D. If you want add some sausage links or bacon. This is 700-900 cals. Like 50 grams of protien or more. I am one of those people that doesn’t keep a log. After I workout, I have a Wieght Gainer shake. I useCytogainer from Cytosport. This is the only weightgainer that should ever be purchased. It is pricy, but it is not loaded with sugar. It has mainly complex carbs. I mix it with 16 0z. of milk. I get 765 cals.58 grams of whey and casein protien, 85 grams carbs. It has 2 grams of Glutamine and 3 grams of creatine per serving. It is hands down the best tasting on the market. There is no debate. I have seen good things from it. My other meals are chicken or tuna with noodles or rice, yogurt, and a little debbies brownie. this is 700-1000 cals usually, and it costs$1.50. You can throw in some milk at every meal. As for snacks, I like string cheese. That stuff is the best. Also, I will eat almonds and sunflower seeds(shelled). Hardboiled eggs.And drink milk. That shit is good for you. Eat between 4000 and 6000 cals a day. I easily cover all my bases. These are just some cheap ideas for you. As for supps, glutamine powder, Creatine powder, protien powder, multi vitamin(no iron), extra vitamin C and Vitamin E. Take the E after workout. You are good now. Just lift big.

Agree…J.B.'s “Massive Eating” is the best bet for you…

Remember, you will have to accept fat to put your body into a state for gaining mass. If you obsess over fat, you will never allow yourself to eat enough to grow to the degree you are seeking. Just dumping down supplements without getting training and nutrition right, will only make your wallet thinner. Start with the FAQ section on this website, found in the “curent issue” menu.