First thing is I don’t spell very well so please don’t pick apart my spelling,pick apart my nutrition.I’m 5’8,165# my jeans are 29’waist a med.t-shirt looks like its painted on till the bottem of my latts then its loose.I’m a very lean body here is the deal I work for Ford on the line,working 4 10-10.5 hour days. I get up at 4:30 in the morning,grab a fast shower pack my food make proten shake adding creatine and L-glutamine,slam that and out the door.AT 6:00am the line starts I’ll eat peanut butter sand. and fruit bar.At8:00am anther peanut butter sand. 9:00am is break time so I can get to a microwave I have 2oz. apple& cinnamon oatmeal,3oz canned chicken breast,4 fig newtons,glucosamine.9:30by now I’ve drank 30-40oz of water.I forgot I take 3Tribex before I leave the house.At 10:30am I have a 5oz can of vienna sausage.12:00 by now 30 more oz’s water lunch is turkey breast sand. with lettus and mustard on wheat,1cup white rice 6 fig newtons,glucosamine.2:30 break 2 cups white rice adding 6oz.tuna,1/2cup cheese.I stay on the same water rest of day 30-40oz’s every 2 hours 4:00 peanut butter sand. 5:30 Tribex. 6:00 M,W,T. workout till 8:00. 8:20proten shake adding creatine and glutamine. 8:30 dinner meat & potatos,glucosamine.9:30 ZMA bedtime.So there you have it.eatting between breaks with the line running is hard. getting something from my lunch box and getting the first bite is a 3-4 job thing.every thing I eat on the line has to be am I doing o.k. or do i need to change anything,I’m trying to balkup.starting mag-10 monday. thanks for any help.

Do you know how many calories and grams of protein, carbs and fats you’re getting daily? If not, then that’s the first step. Until you do that then you’re just pissing against the wind. Read the ‘Missing Ingredient’ article at T-mag. Then read the ‘Foods that make you look good nekid’ article. Then you MUST read the ‘MAG-10 Plan for Success’ article at T-mag before you start your cycle. Yes, you will need to make dietary changes, but that’s hard to say for sure since you didn’t list calories and macros. Oh, and it’s probably better not to mix your creatine in with thick protein shakes, although it’s okay to mix with Surge.

Lose the vienna sausages, they are nasty, replace it with tuna or something. I like to throw peanutbuttter and a little protein powder in with my oatmeal, to supercharge it You could probably use a few more fruits and veggies, some spinach in your salad, and maybe microwave a few yams to throw in your lunch.Other than those things it does not look to terrible for someone on the go. I would go through and count up your calories and also find out what your macronutrient breakdown is.

…and take natural peanut butter, otherwise it has those evil trans fatty acids.

Thanks for your advise.I have keeped track of my proten grm. its right at 180 give or take a couple.I’m fairly new at this a year and ahalf or so.AS far as carbs go I don’t realy know how many I need to get,or what complex carbs is or any other carb is for that matter. I try to read about carbs thay start talking about GI’s and stuff like that and I get lost.Fat grams I haven’t realy watched. I have very little body fat so I didn’t think it would hurt to get some fat. calories I’m around 3800. Now the creatine I put it in the protein it don’t upset my stomice like that. I’ve tryed apple ,orenge,pineapple juice it upsets my stomice.tryed it in water,tryed a teaspoon of powder dry washing down with water same deal blowted upset stomice.even tryed cell-tec it burned me up then upset my stomice.Dose my supplements look o.k. or do I NEED TO add something or take something away? THANKS James

Dude! Did you go to school? I’m a dumb surfer & I can write better than you. That’s pretty bad bra. Maybe your a surfer! No way man!

You’ll just needs to add alot of protein when on MAG-10. The articles I listed will help you with that. You might want to get some “M” for when you come off MAG-10. Not necessary if you stay off the proper amount of time though. Oh, and use only natural peanut butter! Good luck!