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Has anyone read the book Natural Hormone Enhancement? I was thinking of purchasing it but wanted to see if it was worth the time and effort. Thanks for any help. This forum ROCKS!

I have read this book and several of my friends are practicing its ideas. It has some very good information but as with anything you must talor it to your needs. I have had to make a significant amount of changes to it to make it work for me but it is helpful from a diet perspective. Any book that gives you good information even if it doesn’t apply to you is worth it in my opinion. So to get to the point I would buy it.

I also do some things a little different to what is recommended in the book,(for example I totally disagree with Faigins’ negative views on Post workout carb intake,which,unlike the rest of the book which is well refrenced,he provides no scientific evidence for)but I thoroughly recommend it nonetheless.Well worth the money.