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Nutrition/Workouts for Type 2B or Type 3?

Hello CT,

I would like to get the Diet and Workolut Program for my Neurotype.

I have taken the Neurotype test 3 times - once now (having waaAaay too much stress in the last 6-10 months) and 2 years ago.

My results are:

         1A      1B        2A        2B       3 

2021: 34% 39% 45% 47% 63%
2019: 61 81 66 114 109 (taken immediately after the 1st one)
2019: 91 82 104 136 124 (taken for 2st time)

I would like to change my nutrition and workouts according to my type so I can feel and look better, of course.

It was difficult for me taking the test now because I feel I’m not being me lately and I act and feel more anxious than usual. (I’m working with psychologyst so I can learn to cope with stress, emotions, etc. But still I need to make changes to my lifestyle.)

I don’t think my nature is Type 3, but maybe last year shifted my type to the right.

So, my question is - Should I get the Type 3 or Type 2B diet & workout program?

I definitely burnout when trying to train the gym down (although I love it! Love lifting heavy weights and be one of the strongest girls in the gym). While working out I never feel I have pushed myself too much, but afterwards I feel like someone has woken me up at 2 a.m., I can barely think, let alone work and feel totally drained. Sometimes the only thing I have done in a day is my workout…

So, I had to take a step back.

Lifting lighter weights is not that taxing but I find it difficult to not show up at the gym…

In the last 2 years I started lifting heavier, I gained muscle, have I really nice shape, but my recovery sucks, my eating behaviour is difficult to control. I have tendency to binge especially when extremely tired.

I have a tendency to overdo things (to overthink, overindulge, overwork, overplan although I rarely stick to the plan.) but recently find it hard to have a structure and to motivate myself. I function well when I have a structure but can’t stick to it for very long. I definitely like to have a variety in my workouts (not to change them every time, but to not do exactly the same things for super long) and my life in general.

May I have any advice on where to start now?

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Obviously not CT but, despite the 2019 scores (which are probably useless now), you sound like a 2A. The 2021 score is fairly straight across (with a blip on type 3) which may indicate chameleon-like results.
@lou_smeets knows this inside out… let him or @Christian_Thibaudeau chime in.

Based on my current experiences I’ve become a bit more careful about adressing someone’s neurotype. There’s a lot of room for error and misguided information if the said individual describes him/herself based on how he/she feels/acts at that moment in time.

I personally prefer now to have a conversation first so I can ask the right questions and weed out all the behaviours that have not been consistently present with that person thoughout his/her whole life.

Finding out someone’s neurotype is a complex skill (at first) because you need to know what to look for (both physical and psychological cues play an important role) and that can only be done by asking the right questions and gathering information via a physical assessment.

However, the new neurotyping test has become even more accurate and gives you a great headstart to finding out your true neurotype. BUT (and it’s a big but), if you take the test based on personal bias and are not capable of looking at your life through a bigger lens, the test can definitely be innacurate.

Based on the information in her message, my assumption would also be a 2A. I will not go into detail however because her question is adressed to CT specifically. It’s not my place to intervene.

Since she’s new on the forum, she might get lucky and get a response from him. CT has mentioned though that he won’t respond to neurotyping questions anymore.

Thank you for your kind responses!

I do understand I need to have a personal conversation so I have sent an inquiry to the official email listed in the contacts on the site.

Although I cannot afford to have a personal coaching, at least I can do a consultation to get a better picture of my personal traits.

Currently I’m extremely confused, as I’m really adaptive to the situation and circumstances and would say I’m different person at the gym, at the office, at home. As a colleague I’m even difficult to define because there are so many variables which impact my behaviour the “mask” I put on in front of others…

I hope I get the chance to have a personal consultation.

Thank you once again for replying.

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Booking a consultation is by far the best thing you can do to determine what neurotype you are. I think it’s admirable that you’re taking the initiative to make quick work of this and not rely on half truths.

Even though I’ve been through his neurotyping courses multiple times, Coach Thibs himself will be your best option to be truly sure of what type of training/diet best fits your needs.

Good luck!