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Nutrition with Fluctuations in Daily Activity

Summer vacation is underway for me and the extra time means 4-6k extra steps/day without changing my nutrition or changing. The problem is that I won’t be able to maintain this activity level in the future. The logical thing would be to adjust calories down; however, I’m already eating low calorie. What should I do?

Why would you drop calories? Are you talking about the period of more activity or after the vacation. What are you doing besides walking? What are you trying to achieve.

I’m talking about dealing with the drop in activity after the vacation.
I have my normal 6 day/week training, which doesn’t change. I’m just trying to stay lean and maybe add some muscle

Why not just up them now a bit and then drop after vacation to current level?

Sorry it’s early morning here so I was half asleep when I posted. Your name didn’t register in my head until after you replied. To be honest I would suggest you might consider bringing up the calories during the increased activity period. Unless your wanting to loose weight during vacation.