Nutrition While Traveling

I was curious what some of you harcore macro nutrient watchers do when you have to travel. I’m traveling a few times a year and when I do I always find it difficult to eat healthy. I don’t necessarily count calories at home but everything that I eat is organic, lots of protein, vegetables, and other healthy foods. When I get on the road though it’s tough to cook the way you do at home and find good foods. I also do a lot of traveling for the military. I just got back from Germany for 2 1/2 weeks for training and the food was terrible. Almost all of it was carbs and no protein. Oh and they gave us MRE’s for lunch and midnight chow. I’m just curious what people do in their situations to keep their diet in check when they are traveling. Do any of you buy all of the products from the velocity diet and just use that? I would love some good feedback from people who have found successful ways to keep things in line while they are gone.

Depends on how long I’m gone, if it’s a week or less I don’t stress and just eat what I can find.

More than a week I bring things like whey with me so that at the very least I can get my protein.

sardines in cans in jars of cavier

Sardines and cavier huh? That’s probably why you look the way you do. Great advice masterofjackingoff.