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Nutrition While Traveling

I am going to be backpacking throughout Europe this summer for nearly two months. Backpacking meaning I will have only a large hiking type backpack and a smaller bookbag. I will be unable to carry protein with me for obvious reasons (no room for it, probably can’t take it on planes). I’ve been a little worried about keeping my protein intake up around 1.5 g/lb of bw, but that’s something for me to solve once I’m there.

Mainly, are there any crucial supplements that I could take to help me maintain my muscle mass and overall health? As of now, my list consists of fish oil for sure and Metabolic Drive bars if I can fit them in my bag. Would BCAA be wise to take as well? Creatine? Any advice is welcome. Thanks

i wouldn’t take the fish oil since it needs refrigeration.

i’d definately do the bars.

i wouldn’t worry about creatine since you most likely won’t be working out.

why not protein powder?

you’re just gonna have to wing it and accept suboptimal days. I did the same thing and eventually conceded myself to eating less, larger meals per day. It really doesn’t make a big difference. The one thing I’d try to do is get fruit and veggies as much as possible, for some reason they aren’t served that much in many parts in Europe so u’ve gotta watch after yourself there. I’d get some almonds there too.

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:

i wouldn’t worry about creatine since you most likely won’t be working out. [/quote]

I think some people might disagree with the thought that hiking isn’t working out. :wink:

Well its def. not a full workout

Beef jerky’s your friend.

Yeah I second beef jerky. I don’t think you have any other protein options. BCAA’s might help, but likely just take up valuable jerky space. I would ditch the fish oil and face the fact you will likely be losing some muscle (if you are prone to losing it) since you’ll basically be doing two straight months of endurance type exercise.

Thanks for the replies. I hadn’t thought about just picking up nuts, jerky, etc from little ma and pa stores. That will be a must. I’m hoping doing pushups, chinups whenever i have a hostel with something that’ll support me, and crunches will help keep a good part of my muscle.

But walking at least 6 of 7 miles/day for 2 months will take its toll I’m sure. I guess I’ll just do my best to keep protein up as high as possible and get in body weight exercises as often as possible. I’ve been so pleased with my progress over the last couple months too, now to lose it most likely stinks!

You can eat carbs when you’re backpacking. You will need the extra calories because you’ll be burning a lot while hiking. Carbs provide energy and spare protein, and are readily available just about anywhere. Just eat plenty of food, don’t worry so much about whether it’s protein, and you shouldn’t lose muscle.

Hey, maybe you could lift some rocks or something once in awhile to help preserve some muscle. Do some pull ups on (strong) tree branches, etc. Just a thought.

Try Ostrim (ostrich jerky).


beef to the jerky