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Nutrition While On The BDW

Hi Coach,

I recently started your best damn program and so far i’ve been loving it!

However, i was wondering what your suggestions about diet while on such a program are, when trying to put on muscle while limiting fat gain as much as possible. i apologize if this has already been asked elsewhere: i did a quick search and couldn’t find anything.

what i really want to know is: while on this program, do you need as much carbs as one training normally would? from my understanding of this stuff, doing a very low-volume program means you’re not using as much stored glycogen, hence you don’t need as many carbs. is this assumption correct?

currently i’m eating 2.9k cals a day (my estimated TDEE is 2.4k cal/die; when i started bulking 4 months ago i started at 2.7k cal/die, eventually working my way up to 2.9k), 320 g carbs, 220 g protein, and 80ish grams of fat.

what’s your opinion on the matter?
thank you


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It’s trial and error. I’ve been reading and studying for years and I still haven’t quite figured out a magic formula. Some people have success with low carb, and others do well with high carb. When gaining or cutting you have to do what you’ve done. You pick an approach and track your nutrition and adjust accordingly. If you’re gaining too fast, then cut carbs a bit (unless you have excess fat already, and you don’t). If you stall, then increase carbs or all macros a bit. You’ll constantly have to evaluate where you’re at and make adjustments.

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