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Nutrition While On Cycle

So it turns out i thought i knew what i was guna do before i started but then i didn’t actually realise how complicated it would get.

My bf is higher than normal and i tend to gain weight quite easy so…

A few conflicting ideas:

my initial plan was to try to recomp.
Keep cals around maintenance, carbs around workouts, high protein medium fat lowish carb.

But then i started to think am i eating enough?
I feel hungry quite a lot and my workout are more intense so should i eat more to fuel recovery?

But if i eat too much will i gain a lot of bf whil eon cycle.

Now i’ve heard your body uses what you give it a lot better when your on, so should i stick with maintenance cals and let them do their work?

Final idea was to just throw caution to the wind and eat a fucking lot of food while im too try and gain as much muscle as possible then get rid of the excess fat later.

Any help?

For you first cycle, I’d just try and eat a ton of clean foods. Emphasis on clean. Might as well just try and put on as much muscle as you can this time around. You’ll have a lot more fun on cycle if you’re bulking. Don’t eat like shit though!

Nobody ever does just one cycle, so just make your next one a cutting cycle where you beast the fatloss with things like clen, T3 etc.

Just my opinion, I’m sure other people would do it differently.

ok cool ive been eating clean so far. The odd buscit here n there but pretty much bang on so far. I agree i wana gain as much as i can and keep fat levels in check

If you eat a lot of clean foods and go above mantaince cals you should be able to minimize fat gain

No offense mate, but looking at your pictures you seem to be quite fat in your gut area. The rest of you is fairly lean, but you store a disproportionate amount in your gut.

This means you should probably be very cautious with your diet, even while on cycle, because your fat cells just don’t seem to have the same sensitivity as some of the guys here.

This is assuming your goal is to look better. If you just wanna be strong as fuck, then eat whatever! :slight_smile:

I think its easier to build mass if your leaner, since you should be more insulin sensitive, I dont know much about that though but just my 2 cents, have look into the idea?

I would say eat a lot of food if you’ve already started. If you haven’t started then go keto and drop a bunch of weight before you start, then eat a lot of food. I started my recent cycle after already bulking for six weeks or so. I wish I’d done the opposite however. I remember thinking I looked leaner even though I was putting on weight quickly. I don’t think I gained any fat; just muscle and bloat.

If I’d lots some fat before hand I’d probably have had fewer estro sides, lost no strength once I came on, and gained more lean tissue. I’d probably have ended up at the same body weight or more. Next time I’ll get lean first.

Eat a lot of good food. Don’t drink alcohol. Gain as much muscle as you can out of the gate and if you want to recomp, do a cut towards the end of the cycle. It’s not ideal but if you’ve already started then that’s probably your best bet. Cutting towards the end should allow you to transition to a more normal maintenance diet without worrying about fat gain or muscle loss.