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Nutrition When You're Sick...


I'm just wondering. When you guys are sick what do you do differently?

Do you stick to your diets or just go for soup/feel good foods? What about your exercise? Anything you do differently once you go back to the gym?


For me, it really depends on the type of sickness.

With a headache, I'll eat the same but taper off on the workouts a little bit until I feel better.

With flu-like symptoms, I physically can't eat. I try to get down as much as possible without feeling worse, but that usually amounts to some saltine crackers. I would try to still eat plain foods like chicken breasts and simple carbs in order to not completly screw up your regime, but you will only be hindering the healing process with your body trying to digest complex foods.

As for a cold (stuffy nose, sore throat, etc...) I usually try to keep workouts up, but nutrition suffers in the fatc that I eat healthy, but not as much.

"Starve a cold, feed a fever!"


I never get sick because I eat healy and all that good stuff.
When I did get sick I'd do a few things:

Take some organic aloe vera juice and eat lots of oranges,lol.

Just spend that day eating nothing but fruits and vegetables and sleeping,and drinking plenty of fresh water(juicing wouldn't be bad at all).
Sounds simple but works.

Make sure you get enough rest,and don't force your body to eat protein or anything else if you can't eat any food that day.

I've seen doctors tell their patients to drink seven up when they were sick.Don't drink that crap.It's bad for you,and worse for you when you're sick.


If you have a cold or flu you want to avoid sugar because it weakens you're immune system. A lot of people drink a bunch of OJ or eat citrus because of the vitamin C, but this actually makes them worse.

The wise thing to do is take Vitamin C supplements, drink a lot of water or tea, and dont forget your chicken soup :wink: