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Nutrition VENTING

You know, sometimes I think that all this supplement and ‘proper diet’ stuff is a big conspiracy to sell powders and pills… I’d bet money that there are craploads of guys out there who are muscular and lean, but have never touched a supplement in their lives. In fact, I often look around at the guys in Gold’s where I work out and wonder how many of them follow a strict diet and supplement routine. Let me tell you about this guy at the office where I work. We’ll call him “Jay”. He’s about 5’ 5", 150 lbs. His daily routine goes something like this: OJ for breakfast; workout which consists of maybe smith machine benches, or dumbbell presses, curls etc NO LEG work ever, and then tops it off with a run on the treadmill for like four miles or so. His post workout meal usually consists of pasta, or clam chowder, or a homemade sub sandwich with ham, cheese, or turkey, mayo etc. He eats pizza constantly, putting down 3-5 pieces a sitting. If there’s candy around the office, he is constantly eating it. On the weekends, he parties to oblivion and gets completely hammered. The one healthy thing he does nutritionally is drink lots of water throughout the day, but thats about it. He gets virtually NO PROTEIN whatsoever. Takes NO supplements. Knows nothing about nutrition, proper form, or the role of supplements/drugs. Yet, he lifts more than me, and is “probably” bigger than me too. He NEVER gains weight/fat, despite eating like this day in and day out. Yet here I am, strict as balls, 6 meals a day, lots of protein, supplements out the ass, and all for what? I get my balls busted at the office because I have this big duffle bag of pills and powder, do all this crap, and he eats whatever the F’k he wants to. I feel like such a god damn stupid idiot sometimes. I know metabolisms are different, but jesus, I feel like I should look 10 times better than someone like him who does everything wrong nutritionally. I mean how the F’k does his body build muscle at all? How is this biochemically possible? If he gets 30 grams of protein a day, I would be surprised. Certainly no where near the 1gm/lb of bodyweight, thats for sure! And all the sugar and beer and other garbage he eats… where the hell does it go? It’s very frustrating to follow a strict textbook diet and supplement regime, be extremely disciplined all the time, and yet deal with people like this who eat whatever the hell they want. Anyone else deal with shit like this? Ok, sorry guys, I just had to vent about all this… its been building for a long time.

I tend to agree with you. I had a close friend who got locked up for a while. The meals in there ain’t shit, especially for bodybuilding. When he came out, he was 167 practically no BF and benched 305 like paper. He was all upperbody though, he didn’t train legs. But his upper body was F*king perfect…

You’re jealous of a 150 pound guy? Jeez.

Yeah, some can get away with a bad lifestyle… for a while. It’ll catch up to him. And yes, some have to bust ass and take supps to look as good as some genetic freaks do who only half train. That’s life. In the end, you’ll be healthier than them, even if they look better for a while.

It’s called genetics. With good genetics, you can do everything wrong and still succeed. With poor genetics, you cann’t afford to do anything wrong if wanting to make progress. Good nutrition, combined with a good program and key supplements can make the difference for the genetically average to make good progress rather than mediocre progress. At 45yo, through good nutrition with smarter training and smart supplementation, I’ve made gains that I couldn’t seem to achieve 20 years ago when I didn’t know how to eat or train properly. With my average genetics, what I’ve learned in the last 2-3 yrs has made all the difference. Also, what I willing to bet about “Jay” is that he is currently young and bullet proof but in 10 or 15 years, if he continues his poor nutrition and eating crap, it will catch up to him and he will get a gut someday. It just takes time. Believe me.

sure, but is this guy going to ever improve? will he ever weigh more than a muscular 150? if he keeps doing what he does, and you keep doing what you do for the next 10 years, whos going to look better? i assume that you’re still in the process of building up, where you can’t run low body fat all the time. its easy to look good when you’re maintaining low b/f, like your friend is, but just remember, when you day comes, when you’ve got plenty of mass, and its time to cut up, whos gonna be the man, and who ain’t.

OH my gosh, not 3-5 slices of pizza at a sitting. i can easily eat a large by myself and then polish it off with a lb of m&m’s and two liter drink. Granted i dont do this all the time or even that often at all, but maybe you need to examine your own diet more carefully instead of worrying about his. He weighs 150! i weighed 150 when i was 12. Start eating more food. I can almost guarantee your one of those guys that wants to gain weight but not lose his abs. Squat, eat a lb of beef a day or more and drink 6 grows per day. if you dont grow then you need to quit.

I agree with Heb on this one. Jay is undoubtedly young and if he keeps it up, his physique will definitely change–and not for the better. When I was younger I could eat whatever I wanted and didn’t have an ounce of fat on me–and that included crummy things like donuts, chips, etc. I exercised a lot and am lucky I still have a fast metabolism. After a number of years (and a number of children, I might add), things are not quite the same. Although I still have very little body fat compared to most women my age (and some quite a bit younger!) and I still metabolize quickly, I have to watch what I eat now or I do develop a gut and handles. So, rest assured that it will catch up with him, but not with you if you watch yourself.

So what, your friend has great genetics…physically. Genetics is mental also. Having the ability and the know how to improve and be disciplined is not something that should be taken for granted. I’m sure most the people that live like him do not look like him. Besides, the race is long. Have patience. Check back in with him when he’s 40.

Lets hear it for Jay. I have a friend that is the exact same. He is like 5’8" about 170, lean and ripped. Eats shit for food. He maybe eats 2-3 times a day and drinks and does drugs and above all else he does not even workout. He played football in highschool. He won a few state championships and all that stuff. He still maintains the same physique. I hate it. But I am glad that I am dedicated to something that will better me in the long run. My family is full of great genetics, I just have to let mine find their way to the surface.

Perhaps we’re missing something here? My take on this “Jay” character is that he’s simply maintaining what he already has and not necessairly making any great gains.

Are you stalking this guy?


Congratulation goldberg. Somebody should give you a nice pat on the head.

I agree with Goldberg…who cares what this guy eats if he is 150LB!! Is that something to shoot for? Even if he was 5% bodyfat he would only be 142.5lbs of lean mass…142!!! Let the “Jay” bird eat whatever he wants and let him run himself into the dirt. Given time everyone on this board should past his “accomplishments”. Damn DTM if a 150 pounder threatens you, you may want to get on a serious cycle of Mag-10 with Myostat on the side…150lbs is no more than a warm-up for most of us on the forum!

I think the point he was trying to make is the guy could maintain a low BF% while eating a lot of crap. Also, “Jay” supposedly is only 5’5’’, so a 5’5" kid at a lean 150# who trains and eats like crap is respecatable I guess. If training/eating correctly, he’d probably be a lean 170-180 at 5’5".

Ok, I guess I deserve a flame or two for bitching… granted, I agree “Jay” is only 150 lbs, and that’s not a lot. I guess my point is, even though I weigh about 175, there isn’t a night-and-day difference between us, despite me following a strict diet/supplement regime and him doing everything completely wrong. But, you know, now that I think of it, his weight isn’t going up, so I guess he’s not growing muscular-wise either. Still, I’m amazed he isn’t as fat as a house the way he eats and parties. You guys are right, I guess genetics plays a huge role, and maybe you just can’t constantly compare yourself to others. Was it Babe Ruth who said “play your own game”?

Yep, knew guys just like that. In high school they looked way better than me, better gym numbers, etc. They also ate like shit and didn’t supplement worth a damn. All I can say is it doesn’t last. A few years later and I look better than all of them now. Just keep put in the work and before long you will put guys like that to shame. I don’t care how damn good or lousy your genetics are, if your nutrition program sucks you will not look good for very long. It is a relay not a sprint.

Goldberg’s right. “Jay”'s a 150lbs. Why would anyone call that good genetics?

Goldberg, you are correct. A 150 pound man who is over 4 foot 10 is nothing to be excited about in any way, shape or form. This is kind of like saying, “Man, this 11 year old that I know eats like shit, but somehow he just keeps the pounds off!” Woopty-do. I also don’t think that it qualifies him as any kind of genetic “freak”. There plenty of 5 foot 5 ninth graders who are in “good shape” and weigh 150 despite remedial nutrition.

Do you know what would happen if I met Jay? Nothing. I wouldn’t even see him. If he touched me he would bounce to the ground. If he hit me with all his “strength” his hand would break. If he went to the gym, I would tie a rope around him and use him to warm up my triceps. If he tried to act tough, I would smile and give him a nice pat on the head. If he pulled down his pants, I would laugh. The bottom line here, is that this guy is inconsequential. If you were his size, wouldn’t you eat just to get noticed?