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Nutrition Values.

Here is the ? I went to dinner at a Thai resturant and now I do not know the values. This is the 2nd resturant that I have asked them for the values. They just look at me as if I asked for a kidney. Does anyone know a webpage or something I can use. I it for need for my log have I have reciently started.

The USDA Nutrition Lab has more values for more foods than you could ever imagine.


You can try www.fitday.com it’s a free online food log with alot of foods already in the data base.

I also use those and www.foodcount.com which has tons of information.

You can go to google and search for it too, there are others out there. There are many sites that have fast food and food chain amounts.

Lately, more chains have been taking nutritional information OFF of their sites (like Bennigan’s did it last year). For those you have to call and they’ll mail it, I guess they want to make it as hard as possible to get the info.