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Nutrition Tweaking

First,what do you guys think of eating 400 grams of red meat a day? Have been on my new mealplan for about 10 days now,i notice fat/water loss already,strength is slightly weaker but its due to lower carbs so its ok. Overall this feels like the best mealplan i have tried so far,i like to stick to it,but maybe cut down 200 grams of the daily red meat intake,and replace it with 200 grams of white fish? what do you think?

this is what it looks like,6 meals a day:
275 grams of carbs from oats and white rice.
220 grams of protein from white fish,red meat,shrimps.
80 grams of fat from almonds and extra virgin olive oil.

Breakfast: 100g of oats with 3dl almond milk 200g of red meat.

And 5 more meals spread out the day,all of them consists of 50 grams of white rice,200 grams of meat each,and one and a half table spoon of olive oil over rice.
Its 400 grams of red lean meat,400 grams of white fish and 200 grams of shrimps.

In addition a large bowl a day with cale,ruccola,ginger-root,lemon and spinach. (sometimes 100 grams of mushrooms is added)
Drinks alot of water during the day.

This is what i consume during a day,nothing else. I do not crave sweats or anything else. On sunday’s i eat one pizza or a burger.

oh and 100 grams of broccoli a day plus

multivitamins,d3,k2 and c-vit. Bought selenium and iodine yesterday.

I recover faster also after eating this way.

There is nothing wrong with this diet especially since you mentioned a goal of “recovery”. We would need to know more. Since the title says “tweaking” I would get in a few eggs. I like to eat red meat 4-5 days a week and fish in 2-3. Also white fish is low fat while red meat is fairly high. Low fat fish has virtually no omega-3. Mackerel, fat tuna, sea bass, salmon, trout, maybe snapper have more omega 3, also oysters. White fishes are basically a fairly easily digested protein source without beneficial fatts. You could use cook turkey breast for the protein, and also take a good omega-3 like Flameout.

I don’t prefer oats for nutrition. If I wanted an alternative to white rice I’d have parboiled potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams. I’ve also tried green banana flour for pancakes, and tapioca flour. Also I would include SOME fruit. I like frozen wild blueberries and cherries and also melons and strawberries. Melon and strawberry have about the same sugar as carrots. Add some naturally fermented veggies.

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yes i also take omega 3 oil everyday,forgot to mention that also lol damn memory. chicken or turkey i stay away from because of the medicines its feed from its birth,they are also feed soy for the most,so its a no no here.
Actually i picked up six liter of pure eggwhites today at the post office,100% pure with no added to it,just pasturised,

will add 2,5dl along with my oats to breakfast instead of meat.

i like oats,it keeps my digestion better and its good for healty cholestrol. I should add some more fruits to this diet. Thanks for input dawg.

Despite some thyroid-issues and some low t,i feel more anabolic than ever after start this way of eating,im also way less sore after workouts.

What were you doing before? What you posted is pretty normal IMO.

Ate 4 larger meals and more calories from processed food,too little protein and too much karbs.

Which post are you saying is pretty normal?

400 grams of red meat a day is pretty normal. And your 6 meal a day breakdown is ok but You are getting more than 80 grams of total fat (which is fine). What kind and quality of red meat are you eating? You could be farting anywhere from 15-55 grams of fat from that.

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I will try this way for awhile first,basically proceed what im doing. I see some fatloss already so have to give it more time,im about 15-16% body fat now,goal is 12%.
Less fat and thyroid-balanced then im ready for test e.

Will for sure add some berries. Thanks mert.