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Nutrition & Training = Progress

Whats up to everyone here!

just thought I should shout out and thank you to John Berardi, Dr. Lowery and and all those at T-Nation who have put in the time and energy to give us the best possible nutrition information.

I am a professional athlete for 3 years now(kiteboaridng) as well as a keen surfer, wakeboarder, snowboarder, golfer, swimmer and now bodybuilder. and ever since I have begun taking care of my body via fitness and nutrition in the last year, my progression has left me nothing but stoked! i have nothing but the highest respect for the information regarding the expertice in the field of nutrition, training, health and of course recovery for us athletes that i have found here on this site. as i am sure everyone here would agree with

i am now keen as to pass on the word to all my mates in my sprots about how strength training and proper nutrition will only lead to further progression as in any strength sport.

most improtantly is getting the litle gomets on the program. At 21, i think back to when i began my professional career in a highly physically demanding lifestyle about 5 years ago and where i would be at if i had the right training and nutritional info then as i do now. think if the gromets today had the info and and where the level these sprots would be.

its amazing where a little knowledge can take you.

Thanks again to the people here such as John Berardi, Dr. Lonnie Lowery, Chris, TC and all those others here who have spent a shit load of time to provide us the info to get the reults we want