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Nutrition/Training Books

Hey guys,

Do you have some good training and nutrition books to suggest me?

Ive been training for 3 years now and im looking for some books to learn new training techniques and nutrition books to make my own diet plan.

By the way, anyone has bought Anabolic Diet by Mauro Dipasquale? I found it for about 130$ It seems too much expensive…

There is an excellent list of books on John Berardi’s site. I highly recommend Nutrient Timing and The Weightlifting Encyclopedia (Drechsler). Another good one is the Poliquin Principles- if you can find it. I have read the Anabolic Diet book and it is another worth owning, but I wouldn’t pay 130 for it.

One more thing, you can get the Anabolic Solution by Di Pasquale for bodybuilders or powerlifters for 39.95. I’m not sure if this is the same as the ‘Anabolic Diet’ but I think it is. Hope this helps!

I just picked up Optimal Muscle Training book and dvd by Ken Kinakin for 39.95 CAD$ (29.95USD$) after it was on t-jack as a possible future review item for about a day (then disapeared). Anyway, the dvd alone is INVALUABLE!!! I can’t say this enough…A very thorough work congruent with almost everything here on t-nation. The book has some good general cost/benefit ratios for a number of different practices of a given exercise (i.e. benching to the neck). The assessment methods are easy to learn and are again very thorough and advanced. Worth 4x the price!!

Does anyone have any input on the Anabolic Solution by Di Pasquale, I know Chris Shugart did it and seemed to have done fine with it. I am just seeing if anyone else had success with it. Does anyone know where to purchase it as well? I in no way mean to hi jack this thread just thought since it was mentioned someone might know.