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Nutrition tracking program?

I’m planning to go on the AD and I’m anticipating that the biggest problem for me will be tracking protein/fats/carb intake. I know there are nutrition tracking programs out there where you plug in your diet and it spits out the nutrition information, can I get some recommendations?

I’ve used NutritionData.com in the past, but having to create a pantry is rather annoying. However, if that’s the way they all work, so be it… I’ve hit a sticking point and am resigned that to hit any diet change properly I will need to be more precise. sigh

Thanks in advance for any help.

Right now, your best bet is fitday. You can use the online one along with the SR20 database to get a very accurate idea of what you eat.

You only have to do it for a little while as you will get used to the rough serving sizes you need to eat.