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Nutrition to Lose Those Last 10 Lbs

Down to the wire here with my weight. Seems to be hard as hell to lose those last 10. I was researching different areas of the forums to try and find a bit of guidance with respect to energy calories. Some background, 6’1", 214 lbs, looking to get to 200 or less, but I have been stuck here for a while.

I consume about 2100-2400 cals a day. My staple is obviously protein which is usually in the 200-300 range. My question is with respect to carbs/fat. I have read on some places in the forum of diets with fats in the 90-120 grams, which to me sounds ridiculous. The carbs in these cases were listed to be around 15-40, with protein as high as usual. It confuses me some, so I figured if someone could clarify it for me, it would be helpful.

With carbs I am now trying to stay around 60-80 a day when I do little training or cardio, and around 125-175 for days I train, with a good 80 of those being solely before and after lifting. Fats are usually 35-40. Obviously it needs to change, else I wouldn’t be asking. Suggestions, comments, anything would help.

Did you try adding in more cardio?

Maybe just walking uphill on the treadmill for 10 minutes after training will help.

How long have you been dieting? If it’s been a while then maybe you want to consider having a break for several days first. Keep the carbs high during those days and around maintenance calories then continue on dieting after that.

If you haven’t dieted for that long, maybe it’s because you’re eating more than you think. Increase cardio and try to cut some more calories here and there if you’re still stuck. And yes, the last 10lb is very hard to lose.

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Taufiq has a good point. If you have been at a deficit for a while, your body will go into ‘starvation mode’ and will do all it can to maintain weight. At a time like this you have to eat at maintenance for 6-12wks to get your body to it’s “setpoint” where it will notice that 214lbs is now your new weight. I say 6-12 because it is all dependent on the person.

If you haven’t been dieting for too long it’s even easier. If you want to lose weight you can do one of two things:

1.) Eat less
2.) Do more

This is a very over-simplified way of thinking but its’ usually true.

I know that doing ‘fasted cardio’ in the morning worked well for me at losing weight, but I didn’t like that my strength went down along with that. So it is all dependent on your goals. Think hard because cutting down and ending up weak SUCKS.

I have been running a deficit now since about May. Between cardio and weight training, I definitely know I have been running a big deficit. I am trying something new this week and next. I reduced my carbs to low levels and am only going to load up on them (80grams) when I go to workout. If in 2 weeks I dont at least lose 2 pounds (1 a week) I guess I’ll have to train my body into what you’re saying…

‘Low’ days have to be balanced out with ‘high’ days. All of your numbers are low, so your body has essentially slowed the f- down. Throw in two higher intake days (2700 cals, 250g carbs), then go back to rotating your current low and medium days (keeping at least ONE high day every 6-7 days). If you have the time to diet, I fully believe that you can get ripped without any cardio, and will actually keep more muscle in the process.


Keep your calories in the 2200 range with an approximate 50/50 protein/fat split. Drop your carbs down to sub-30g per day (including training days). Allow yourself some carb items once every 7 days (ideally 10-14 days).
Assuming your training is up to scratch, you should manage those last 10lbs in 4-5 weeks.