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Nutrition Tips for Me?


I've been doing p90x for around a year now and I don't think my diet has been helping with my progress.

I eat healthy, but not enough calories to garner any real change.

So I think I'm going for the chicken breast, veggies, and brown rice route. With some weight gaining shakes in between.
Someone posted this recipe:
1 c Calorie Countdown Chocolate Milk <---- can I replace this with regular skim milk or soy milk?
1/2 c yogurt
1 scoop protein powder (chocolate or Grow!)
1/4 c Pecans or Walnuts

I'm 5'6" 135lbs. Gained 15 pounds of muscle within one year.

Any tips will be appreciated.


is this your first program and how long have you been training?


Hey bro, it's P90X not P365X. If you're serious then you must be ripped! Start a mass phase post haste. Your insulin sensitivity is probably primed.


I did p90x twice, and then off and until now.

I've gotten great results, but like I said I'm not big.


Well there's a fault in P90X already. Do they not come with a nutritional guide line? Must not be very good then.



right now i've been only eating wheat breads and brown rice. Foods with a lot of fibre. Lots of chicken.

I'm going to get some whey tomorrow costco. Is Keizer isolate a good choice?


Never heard of Keizer. If it's pure whey isolate, and it's from costco, it's probably a really good value. I've bought tons of protein from costco, but they are always carrying different stuff so it's hard to always rely on them.

As far as gaining weight goes, you'll need to get to the gym to put on weight. from what i know P90X relies on bodyweight exercises and light DBs. Your body needs a heavier stimulus once you adapt enough strength to handle these relatively light loads.


Sorry it's called Kaizen pure isolate. $44 cdn for 4.4lbs.

yes for back,chest, and legs it's basically relying on bodyweight...
however arms and shoulders it uses DBs ( I try to max out what I can possibly do, so shouldn't this be fine?)

Ok i'll think about moving out of my dungeon and into my university's gym.


This is not condescending but is meant to be helpful... read as many articles as you can stand in the beginners section. These articles save you the time of searching through a bunch of crap you don't need to read: