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Nutrition Things You Just Found Out?



1) Carb cycling - yep, I'm much better in the gym than I am in the kitchen after all this time ha!

2) Grilling meats - setting the heat dial on the Foreman to 'Medium', and allowing a couple of more minutes, allows much more moisture to remain in the meat, thus giving you a more tender and tastier meat;

3) Cooking eggs in an omelette preserves ALMOST as much protein/BCAA's as does boiling (so long as you don't fill the pan halfway deep in veggie oil and leave them on the pan for half an hour!!)

4) This is probably the most shameful one for me after ALL these years lifting....counting calories. How the f*ck can you gain muscle/lose flab for any decent length of time unless you know what you're fuelling your body with?