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Nutrition/Supps Post Surgery


I wasn't sure if this should be posted in this forum or the injuries and rehab forum so I'm sorry if it's out of place.

I'm having surgery Friday to remove a free floating mass from my L4-L5 disc and I'm trying to plan for everything to come before hand(I only found out I'd be having surgery on Tuesday). The surgery is minimally invasive so I have that going for me.

As far as nutrition is concerned, is there anything special I should be striving for? Or should I just eat a maintenance type diet and be certain I get lots of nutrients? Any supplements that can be of help? I'm already using Rez-V and Flameout. Any thoughts are really appreciated.


One thing that helped me last time- i took Flameout, curcumin and superfood. wait until you're done with your antibiotic to take curcumin- there are some potential interactions- but otherwise, i really felt that having those three helped me out a lot. I'm going in for surgery again and i decided against having superfood (pure$$ issue), but I felt like last time it gave me energy, which is nice considering all I could do all day was sit around.


Thanks for sharing. I think the Superfood would be helpful to insure that I get all the nutrients I'll need. Thanks again.