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Nutrition/Supps Advice for 1RM Test?

Tomorrow a group of people i lift with are doing a 1RM competition for bench, deadlift and squat. Any advice to maximize performance? I intend to get 8 hours of sleep, eat plenty of calories the day before, maybe take huperzine-A or DMAE an hour before and some MAG-10 right before the lifting session.

40 mg Dbol and a chinese buffet. Bloat.

Honestly, I would recommend doing exactly what you normally do on any given day. I remember in high school when I would do this sort of thing with the football team, and we all came up with all sorts of crazy stuff that we just knew would let us really hit the iron hard that day (lol, including, e.g., eating a ton of pasta before hand [teh carbzzz], not doing anything sexual for a week prior to the max out [teh testtttzzz], etc.).

By junior/senior year, we had all cut that sh** out and just treated it like a normal day, which ended up being way better for our performance.

DMAE/MAG-10 sound good. I’ve heard that Hup-A isn’t great for you, so I dont play with that stuff.

Other than that, just drive up water retention with as much salty-as-balls, high-carb food as you can get down. Chinese food is great, you can also throw down a pizza or something like that if you want though. Get dumpy as hell tonight and eat like a mofo.

Have more carbs and salt than usual the day before the test. Make sure you drink plenty of water.

Don’t experiment before a competition - if you want to, do it before a regular 1RM test on your own. Then if things go wrong you won’t feel too bad about it.

Good luck tomorrow!