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Nutrition & Supplements in Australia

I’m studying abroad here for 6 months. Brought over some Surge, protein and fish oils. I thought if I needed anything I would be able to buy it here. But the prices for everything is OUTRAGEOUS!!!

I mean everything, chicken is like 7 bucks a lb, steak is absurd, salmon is about 13 bucks a lb, and you could only imagine the price of produce. Some things are priced a little better, like oranges.

I was wondering if there were any Aussies on this board that could guide me to some cheaper meats and supplies around here in AUS.

Also some better gyms. I’m in the Brisbane going to University of Queensland. The gym there is pretty weak, and the chain gym I’ve went to called Fitness First had 1 squat rack in the entire gym. soooo weak. No strength and conditioning here at UQ since most sports in Aus are club.

Also I think I’m going to get my sister to send me some Biotest stuff, since I might run out a bit soon. Also I think I’ll be getting some Superfood since veggies are so damn expensive here.

Any help would be awesome!

The secret in Australia with supplements is buying online. It’s safe and way cheaper. For fruits and vegetables try a local weekend market like a wholesale market they have ridiculously low prices on fresh produce these markets are usually on Sundays. For meat, well brother I can’t help you there.

I hope this helps.

I can’t give you any help with relation to gyms (I’m down south in Melbourne). As for the meat, ALDI supermarkets are much better than the standard coles/woolworths stores in terms of prices particularly if you buy in bulk and it usually seems to be pretty good quality. Also spinach is usually really well priced in there, probably about 1/2 what you pay at the major supermarkets.

Might also be worth seeing if there are any fresh food markets nearby, they’re often much better priced.

Supplements are crazy expensive. I’ve switched to buying unflavoured whey from an Australian based online store - myopure.com.au …I’ve ordered a few times from there, much cheaper than buying in the store.

The instantised whey seems to be really good and you can always flavour it yourself or just knock it down unflavoured, it still tastes fine, just kind of bland really. Delivery is pretty quick too, I think myopure is based in Sydney and orders usually make it down here to Melbourne in 2-3 Days.

Hope that helps. Cheers.

Thanks for all the help.

I still think I’ll be ordering some Biotest stuff and sending it over. Any help with shipping companies around here?