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Nutrition/Supplement Plans

Hey, (first post, long time reader).
I was just wondering if you all would review (if your bored or feeling nice) my nutrition/supplement plan (I just want some comment/suggestions, good or bad).Right now I’m on a high protein low carb diet deal with a high carb day every 4 days. Im trying to lean up a little but get stronger in the process. Im also in the Marines stationed at a midshipman candidate school in the states so some of my meals have to come from the shit they serve, so keep that in mind:

0530 sprint/plyo work (Mon.-Fri.) + 2 hotrox, honey
0630 breakfast meat/veggie omelet, 4 egg whites, bagel w/ cream cheese, 2 pieces fruit, 1 milk + 2 Carbolin 19
0930 48 g. protein shake w/ greens + and 2 flameout
1130 usually some sort of meat, veggies, cottage cheese, 1 glass milk + 1 flameout, 1 centrum
1500 half serving Surge, 1 hotrox
1630 half serving Surge, 5 g. creatine
1800 40 g. tuna, whole wheat crackers
2000 1 instone pudding
2130 1 serv. Metabolic Drive w/ 1 Carbolin 19

Well, thats about it I think. I also have almost a gallon a water a day. And I am serious about working out, no pussy shit. Thanks for all input.
Love, me